Bumpdate: Week 24- 6 Months!? What?

Update: We had our follow-up ultrasound and I am beyond grateful to say that everything came back 100% normal! We have one HEALTHY baby! Thank you so much for your prayers, positive thoughts and support. It is all so very much appreciated! And we are so thankful!

How Far Along: 24 Weeks! It sounds so strange to say that I am already 6 months! Madness!

Symptoms: This is the first time I have really been pregnant in the summer and while I thought it was going to be all daisies and maxi dresses, I didn’t quite consider the puffy body syndrome that tends to go along with these summer months. We were at the lake for a week for the 4th of July and on the hottest day, 108*, The Hubby was gently leaning against my shins and left a huge dent. The flip flops were a little tight, too, as I was just puffin’ right up. A good look I tell you.

 Embarrassing Moment:Last weekend we went to a friends house for the first annual lawn olympics. And it was SO much fun! But I did find myself literally having to squat down in-between rounds to prevent an accident. During my ultrasound the technician commented, “Wow! This baby is extremely low. You must have to pee every five minutes.” Yes, lady, I do. You are correct. Thus, I squat. And try to make it as natural-looking as possible….
Maternity Clothes: I got rid of all of these at a garage sale a few years ago, so I have just been relying on flowey dresses and large tanks. So far, it’s working. Except in the brazier department. Something needs to be done!
Gender: Still not finding out. Though so, so tempting.
Movement: We are feeling so much movement! So  much so that sometimes it’s hard to fall asleep. And I think I felt my first belly-roll, too.
Sleep: I am at the point of occasionally needing a pillow under the belly to support. Otherwise, sleep is good. When all is still. :)
Cravings: Not sure I am really craving anything…
Aversions: All is good there
Body changing: Total weight gained is 14 pounds. The tummy is definitely out and about and the bellybutton is doing a little changing, too. Instead of a nice little indent, it’s beginning to flatten out a bit. Boooooo…
Names: Still undecided…. Gwyn came up with a few good ones the other day. Door-O, and we can nickname the baby Door, France, and Ligger. I mean, can we say keepers?
Nesting:  We (and by we I mean The Hubby) have just about finished a little remodel in our bedroom and I LOVE IT! Photos coming soon. I also went to town on a cleaning run before we left for our vacation. I mean down on the floor scrubbing-kind of nesting. Sweat-dripping kind of cleaning.
Best Moments this week: Still beaming from the results of our ultrasound!

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