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Bumpdate: Week 26- and a great opportunity!

How Far Along: 26 Weeks! I totally thought I was nearing the end until I counted backwards and realized I still have 14 weeks to go. That is a lot, people! Symptoms: My loungewear/workout clothes are getting a little…. short. In the belly region.  Embarrassing Moment: I can officially say this week was free of these moments! Hoorah! […]

No Bake Energy Bites

With about a dozen cookies down the hatch to myself, I decided I needed something healthier that would take the edge off. And these babies did just that. I had all the ingredients on-hand, they were super quick to throw together and completely satisfied any cravings I had. Plus, my kids love these, too and […]

Six Years

Six years with this man. A man who would do just about anything for me, including a silly and fun first dance. Six years and we have come so far. From moving states, to going back to school,  to babies galore, to new houses, to new careers. And so much in-between. I SCORED with the […]

On Why Kids Watching TV is Okay

Since I’ve become a parent I have been aware of all of the statistics and articles that say why TV is so bad for kids. And I get it. Really, I do. I followed these guidelines with Gwyneth, our first born, as suggested by the professionals. No TV until two-years-old and then after that only […]

Bumpdate: Week 24- 6 Months!? What?

Update: We had our follow-up ultrasound and I am beyond grateful to say that everything came back 100% normal! We have one HEALTHY baby! Thank you so much for your prayers, positive thoughts and support. It is all so very much appreciated! And we are so thankful! How Far Along: 24 Weeks! It sounds so strange to […]

Menu Planning Monday #24

Welcome to Menu Planning Monday! Every week I try to plan healthy meals with like-items for our family as well as meals that don’t require a ton of ingredients or complicated steps. And if it can be thrown into a Crockpot, even better! Some of these recipes are new to me, too and have never […]