Bumpdate: Week 18

How Far Along: 18 Weeks!

Symptoms: I am feeling SO much better! No more nausea! Hallelujah! I am still getting tired in the afternoons… but that could also be due to staying up late watching The Bachelorette… My skin has cleared up… and so have all those other wonderful first-trimester symptoms. :) Now I just have to pee about every hour.

 Embarrassing Moment: I went on a jog a couple of weeks ago in gray yoga pants. And let me just start out by saying gray yoga pants should not be allowed to ever be made again. Ever. Gray just doesn’t do well. And I will also add, my jogs are not long. Under 20 minutes. At about the half-way point I realize I have peed myself a little. I look down and it is incredibly noticeable. And yes, I went to the bathroom before I left. RIGHT before I left. Sadly, my shirt was not long enough to cover my situation, so I contemplated doing a side-walk all the way home but concluded that would only draw more attention. So, I decided to just keep going hoping it would just get me home faster. And why is it that on this particular day all of the people are out mowing their lawns, riding their bikes and playing outside? WHY!?
Maternity Clothes: Not yet. I have been living in dresses, though. I am LOVING this one from AE right now. And I would wear them all the time, pregnant or not! It’s hard to tell here since I am cinching it up, but it flows just perfectly. I have the striped one, too. :)
                                                        (17 weeks)
Gender: Still not finding out. Gah!
Movement: I felt the baby!!! Hallelujah! On 5/26 at 6 pm after a stressful day with the kids I was sitting on the couch snuggled up and felt the little babe. And it felt SO good!
Sleep: I am still able to sleep on my tummy which is SO nice because tummy-sleeping is my jam. I pee once or twice in the night, though
Cravings: The cravings have pretty much subsided. Boooooooo. Not fun. Back to normal. My husband put some peanut M&M’s in the freezer and dang-it. I found them. And then he left town. And now they’re gone.
Aversions: Coffee still isn’t my favorite smell.
Body changing: Total weight gained is 9 pounds. The boobs are spilling out of the bra a little on the sides which is not a cute look.
Names: Still undecided…. But Cal is convinced he has a baby names Wyatt in his tummy.
Nesting:  We (and by we I mean The Hubby) have started a little remodel in our bedroom to welcome our new baby. And I am SO excited to show you when it’s finished!
Best Moments this week: Feeling the baby! Makes it feel more real. The four of us also went to the lake and had the BEST time. We played in the water. We built sand castles. We cuddled in towels. We rode our scooters around the park. Bliss!
image1 (48)
                                                                                                                            (18 weeks)


  1. christina says:

    NEVER, EVER go on a trampoline!!!! As you know I have my two babies (well 6 1/2 and 10 1/2 not so much babies) but I went to Ez-Air in Reno about 2 years ago and yeah… Trampoline= utter humiliation. LOL I read that the more children you have, and the older you get the weaker your bladder is (GREAT!)

    Just thought I would share an embarrassing moment with you! You are an absolutly beautiful pregnant woman!! Glad your symptoms have calmed down a little. :)

    • Hahaha thank you for sharing your story, Christina! SO glad I am not alone, here! And thank you so much for the sweet, sweet compliment. So kind!

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