Gwyn’s 5th Birthday Tea Party- Part 2

Yesterday was all about the food and decor (Click HERE if you missed it)  and today it’s the entertainment, fun and guests!

For an entire year Gwyn has been set on having Anna and Elsa at her party. Still Frozen obsessed, any time we would see Anna and Elsa at events or other birthday parties, Gwyn would approach them to see if they would like to come to her party as well. She was just entranced by their magic, I tell you.

Thus, Party Enchantments, the company behind the infamous Anna and Elsa of Spokane, was invited to the party and it couldn’t have been a better decision.

Some of the girls arriving



As guests arrived they were invited to decorate the tea hat hanging from their chair with flowers, ribbon and buttons.




And having Heidi there from Glimpse Photography gave me complete freedom to sit back, help my daughter with her hat if she needed and actually enjoy the party. SO WORTH IT!



Gweneth-78 Gweneth-79





They did such a good job!

Gweneth-8 Gweneth-120


Once finished, it wasn’t too long before Anna and Elsa arrived. The birthday girl was ushered to the front where she was given a private greeting with the two princesses. And as soon as she saw them, she ran the rest of the way squealing in delight.



Watching this as her mom just made my heart happy. She truly believes, and seeing the twinkle in her eyes as she gushed at these two was simply heart-warming. Again, Heidi was right there to capture it all!



Anna and Elsa then presented Gwyneth with a gift, which was a framed and autographed photo of the two of them and something Gwyneth now proudly keeps on her night stand.





Gwyn then confidently led the two down the path to greet her friends.



The royal crowning ceremony then took place where Gwyn was crowned princess for the day and given a special crown.



The first activity that took place for everyone was the hair boutique. Each little princess was able to get her hair specially done by a princess however they would like, and once finished with each girl everyone chanted “bibbity, bobbity, boo!” and they were sprinkled with glitter and a mini crown to top it off. I couldn’t believe how well the little girls stayed in line anticipating their turn. But they were just SO excited and did such a great job as they waited.









Before the party ever took place, I was contacted by Party Enchantments to set up a timeline/schedule for how I would like the party to go. Because I was also squeezing in a tea party, they worked with me to ensure everything would fit and that nothing would feel rushed. It was all going along wonderfully until some big, dark clouds started rolling in. Nervous, I asked the manager if we could switch the timeline around so that we could do the tea party that was already set up outside (meant to be at the end) and then possibly move everyone inside after that to finish to party. And without any hesitation, that is what he did.




Anna, Elsa, and the manager *who dressed up, by the way!) helped to serve the girls so that everyone received what they needed quickly, and this was a huge help!



Well, the wind started picking up and a few rain drops were felt, and while the little girls didn’t seem to mind, I decided it was best to just move everything inside. So again, I talked to the manager, told him my thoughts and he then had the princesses take the little girls to the grassy area to play games while the adults picked the tables up with everything still on them and walk them into our (thankfully!) empty basement.



What was so, so nice was that the girls were entertained the whole time this was going on. I don’t really even think they realized what was going on behind the scenes as every single thing was moved inside. And because I was busy re-setting up, I completely missed this whole portion of the party. Another reason I am SO glad these photos were taken by Heidi. It’s like I never missed it!






Once the games were finished, we were able to go inside and continue the tea party without being rushed, blown over by wind or rained on. And I am so thankful we did that because not long after it started pouring rain. Hailing, even!

We sang to the birthday girl and having her two favorite princesses by her side  just about made this the best birthday ever for her. I could just see it all over her.  Priceless!




While the guests enjoyed the tea party, Anna and Elsa gave the girls some tips on tea etiquette and then told the story of Frozen to entertain while also incorporating a few of the famous Frozen songs as well. They did such a good job with this being completely in character the whole time, singing beautifully, and even including the guests to sing along with them.




Once done, the last eventwas the treasure hunt, which was then done around the house as it continued to rain outside. What was so incredibly nice about all of this was that parents were able to relax, chat, and enjoy themselves as well since it was just all taken care of. Kids were running around with such excitement on the hunt, completely into it all, which was also fun to watch. But, I was also secretly glad I wasn’t the one having to orchestrate it all!

And lastly, guests were given autographs by the princesses and allowed to take as many photos as they liked with them.

Overall, I couldn’t have been happier with the service that Party Enchantments provided for Gwyn’s 5th birthday. From the start they kept in contact, created an outline for me to preview ahead of time, (which is RIGHT up my alley!) and were completely flexible when I needed to change plans a few times during the party due to the rain. And the princesses. Oh the princesses! They stayed in character the whole time, made the same gestures and used the same references as the characters from the movie, sang beautifully, helped with the tea party whenever they could and overall exceeded my expectations.

If you are in the area and would like the party taken care of for you, Party Enchantments is your company!

Visit their website HERE and their Facebook page HERE!

And oh my goodness, I cannot stress how wonderful it was to have Heidi from Glimpse Photography there and to not have to stress about the photos! I now have these amazing photos that I can put into Gwyn’s memory album to be cherished forever. And they are FAR better than anything I could have taken on my own.

Again, HERE is her website and to see more of her amazing work, check out her Facebook page HERE and Instagram HERE. :)

Until next year!


  1. So fun! I love the decorating of the hats idea? Where did you find the hats?

  2. Samantha S. says:

    I would love to have these princesses at my daughter’s party! So amazing!

  3. Thank you, Jane! We had a wonderful time. :)

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