Bumpdate: The First 12 Weeks- Where’s the Glow!?

How Far Along: 12 Weeks! (Well, closer to 13 now…:) )

When we Found Out: Between 3-4 weeks.

Symptoms: Tender breasts was the first symptom. Followed by nausea that never went away. Crackers helped in the morning as soon as I woke up. Constantly eating also helped. Finally I tried Sea Bands recommended by the pharmacist and they were a LIFE SAVER! Instant relief! I’ve also experienced dizziness while sleeping as well, waking up with the spins. Like worse than the drunken college kind. And acne. :( On my back. I experienced some of this in my first trimester before, and was sad to see it return. Where is that dang glow!?  Nonexistent here. And lastly, narcolepsy. Come noon and I am done in. Thank you nap-time Gods, I owe you one.  Oh! And I am SO gassy! SO gassy! Which leads me to the next point…

Embarrassing Moment: On the plane flight to New Orleans I ate a meal on the plane of chicken, rice and carrots, and for some reason it did not sit well. And oh man. I felt horrible. I was sitting in the aisle seat, my husband in the middle and an elderly man by the window. So there I was quietly hurting and my husband thought it was the old man! And I didn’t have the guts to fess up! So there he was giving me disgusted looks about the guy next to him and I am SURE the old man thought my husband was also the culprit. So these two men are sitting there blaming one another while I sit on the end in shame. And it wasn’t until we got off the plane and The Hubby went off to me about how miserable that was that I finally fessed up. And we both laughed. And he seemed to get it. But I still felt bad for being the guilty culprit.
Maternity Clothes: Not yet. But loving some great Target tees I bought that give plenty of room to grow.
Gender: We don’t know, and we aren’t finding out! (Insert shocked face.) Being a planner, this is extremely hard! But having a boy and a girl already relieves any pressure and it is something we have yet to do. I am really looking forward to it!
Movement: Nothing yet. Actually,  I have thought I felt the baby for weeks. Turns out…. that damn gas.
Sleep: I wake up about two times to pee. So…. meh?
Cravings: SALT. Oh my. I want salt like I have never wanted salt before. Normally, I am a sweets girl. All the way. Cupcakes. Cookies. Chocolate. Not right now. I am actually TURNING DOWN CUPCAKES, which is just insanity. And instead loving things like fries, pizza, and Cheeze-its. I never understood people who were like this until now. So strange.
Aversions: Coffee. The smell of coffee is just something I am not liking at all, which is a smell I usually enjoy.
Body changing: Total weight gained is five pounds so far. My boobs have also grown about two sizes. Which is strange since they didn’t do that until after birth with the first two. It really doesn’t benefit anyone though since they’re tender and musn’t be touched! I’ve got a little pooch goin’ on, too. Still don’t look obviously pregnant. Just, she’s been loving her salt, chubby.
Names: We have no idea. Gwyneth would like a girl named Alice. And Calvin a boy named Marlin. Both promising.
Nesting:  We are trying to figure out room situations. We currently have two bedrooms and a bonus room upstairs. The bonus room is currently a playroom. Our bedroom is on the main level and we also have two rooms downstairs. So, trying to figure out who goes where.
Best Moments this week: Seeing our baby move! We had an ultrasound and GAH! Head, arms, legs, body, all movin’ and groovin’! SO cool to see and got us all jazzed up. So crazy I can’t feel any of that yet.
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