Curbing the Nausea- Hump Day Highlights #6

Happy Hump Day! We are excited to to bring you another


Each Wednesday we will share some things from the past week that we are loving, can’t live without, or are things we are just plain obsessed with – and we will even add links (when applicable) so you can check out or scoop up anything you love, too.

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This week it’s all about getting through each day without losing my lunch… and these are the things that are helping!

1) Sea Bands– This pregnancy has definitely been different than the others in that I am more nauseous than I was with the first two. I seem to have this constant nausea feeling that won’t seem to go away. Until, I discovered these Sea Bands, that is. Oh my. I NEVER would have thought these would have worked. My pharmacist recommended them and I was desperate enough to try try anything so I gave them a go. AND THEY SAVED ME! We were leaving for New Orleans and I wasn’t even sure I would make it onto the flight. Within a minute of putting these bands on, I felt relief. Still skeptical, I gave it a while and the nausea stayed away! And continued to do so on my entire trip. So, we are back now and they’re still on! And I don’t plan on taking these babies off any time soon. Sea-Band Nausea Relief Acupuncture Wrist Band, 1ct


2.) Sea-salt almonds- I am normally a sweets gal. Cupcakes. Cookies. Caramel. Give it all to me, any time. But this pregnancy has been different and for the first time EVER I am actually craving something. SALT. As in, give me the cheese covered fries on top of potato chips with a side of Cheeze-It’s. Which. by-the-way, I had for the first time in YEARS (The Cheeze-Its)  at a friend’s house the other day and I think I need to invite myself back over. I forgot how GOOD those things are! Also,we were at a birthday party the other day and I actually turned down a cupcake. THAT NEVER HAPPENS. Instead, I went for more pizza. :)

These have been great to have stored in my purse for when I feel like  I need to eat something asap. And just enough salt to appease my craving. Well, sort-of.

Blue Diamond Natural Sea Salt Oven Roasted Almonds, 16 oz

3.) Costco’s Fruit and Nut Medley. Oh man. Salty AND sweet. This stuff is so, so good.  And I can eat it by the handfuls. Though I am trying not to…everyday…

4.) If I need a little snack to take the edge off, this usually does it for me. My kids also like this kind and the added protein makes it a go-to in our house.

5.) Every morning when I wake up I almost need to eat immediately or else I feel sick, and cereal helps that icky feeling go away. This has been my go-to since it has more protein than most.

Do you have any foods that curb that salty taste you too may enjoy that are on the healthier side? This salt thing is all new to me!

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  1. Ahh pregnancy cravings!! I am right there with you. Throughout this whole pregnancy my cravings have just been all over the place. In the beginning all I wanted was potatoes of any form with salt and cheese! Bread too! Then there was the chocolate and candy phase, honestly I’m still sort of in it haha But for the most part now, I want tons of cereal and oatmeal. As of last week, I can’t stop thinking about pancakes with Nutella. I have to admit I *might* have made pancakes for dinner last week, oops. It has been incredibly hard to even want healthy foods. I try to pretend that eating fresh fruit and drinking my weight in water “evens it out” but I know that’s far from realistic.

    • OoOOoo I like the water rationale! Haha! I had sushi (cooked) with my husband last night and I was not even into it! It is (was?) my FAVORITE food and I was shocked! Instead I wanted fried tempura! Who AM I!? All I want is salt!!

  2. That Fruit and Nut Mix sounds delicious! I’ll have to try that. Not sure if you have Wegmans in your area but they make an amazing dried fruit and nut mix called Beach Mix and I’m pretty much addicted to it – whether pregnant or not! Hope your nausea subsides soon!

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