The Bachelor Finale and Viewing Party Recap

Okay, we MADE IT! The FINALE!

I once again had a little Finale Viewing Party and below are a few of the details.

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I usually make two cupcakes representing each of the final contestants. But man, I had a hard time with these final two! So, instead I made one cupcake representing Chris! And MmMmmm! It was one of my favorites!



Okay! On to the recap… And my apologies if I don’t seem as enthused as I started out. I am a wee bit over The Bach right now so I think this final post is going to be in bullet-point style.

-Whitbird meets Chris’ family first and she blows them all out of the water. I mean, SHE is the one who gives the toast at the family meal and talks about how much she loves their son and even throws in a few tears, which of course brings tears to the family, too. Girl. Is. Good. IMG_1747 -When speaking to the three sisters, she dominates the conversation with what seems like a prepared speech and barely lets them get in a word. She says ALL the right things

. -Next up is Whitbird and Chris’ mama, who, I am a little afraid of. She is very upfront saying, “Why do you THINK you love my is son!?” But Whitbird is too quick for this, and goes into how she has been waiting to call someone “Mom” again after losing her own and this mama is won over. IMG_1749 -Becca is up next and the first thing I notice is that she brings cookies. SMART WOMAN! And then I notice how LOW CUT her shirt is! She is meeting his family and is at LEAST two buttons too low. I don’t get that. IMG_1750 -Lock it up!!!

-She sits down to talk with the sisters and tells them she’s not in love with him yet and she is not going to pick up her life and move to Arlington. And she even talks about Whitbird and how dedicated she is and how opposite she is of her. IMG_1751-1 -Quitter.

-Meh. I actually am glad she’s being honest. THEN, to the camera, Chris’ dad says… IMG_1752-1 -Dun Dun Dunnnnn….

-Chris goes to see Becca at her hotel to seek answers and doesn’t get what he is looking for. She says she can’t make any promises about when she will be ready. IMG_1753-1 -Chris takes Whitbird to his farm and she is stoked to see farmed land. Lots and lots of farmed land. She spats off more prepared speeches and I don’t think she has slipped all season. IMG_1754 -It is time for the rose ceremony and Becca is in a red VELVET gown. Don’t they get to choose their own gowns? Velvet? I am thrown. IMG_1755 -The velvet doesn’t do her any good and we learn that Chris does not choose Becca. And she doesn’t seem to care too much. Not a tear is shed.NOT ONE!  I have never seen a final contestant react like this. IMG_1756-1 Even in the limo of shame..where almost everyone loses it… Nothin’. IMG_1757-1     -Whirbird is up and she is a Shakin’ Sheila. And as she embraces Chris, she ONCE AGAIN gives her prepared speech. And all I can think is, “Stop it! He is the one who is supposed to give a speech to YOU!” IMG_1758 But alas, she goes on and on, with her lip and voice quivers and all, before finally letting him speak. He professes his love and proposes. IMG_1759 The end.

Haha! Sorry! But that’s kind-of what happened! And I am tired.

In the after the final rose episode, though, we learn something pretty shocking.

Next season there are going to be TWO bachelorettes! TWO! OooOooo it’s going to get ugly. I can just tell….

Until next time!


  1. This post made me chuckle! I can’t say as I have ever seen it but have seen adverts for a new Bachelor programme in the UK so looks like we are getting our own now.
    Eek… that Whirbird seems to have been playing a game plan… and she won. Wonder what happened with Becca for her to react like that!
    Your preparations for the party look stunning – a lovely idea!
    Over from the Mommy Monday Bloghop!
    Sim x

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