Baby Cal Turns 3!

This weekend our sweet “Baby” Cal is turning three.

It’s just such a bittersweet thing as these birthdays come and go for me.

I remember holding this sweet boy as a newborn. A Benjamin Button-esque newborn, but beautiful nonetheless.



It didn’t take long for him to plump up and de-wrinkle and before we knew it he was a ball of chubby, fuzzy-haired goodness.


While he has gone through some physical appearance changes, one thing has remained the same. He is still the sweet, sensitive, cuddly little babe he always has been.


His laugh, infectious. His mindset, determined. His love, all-in.


This boy rocks my world. And as he grows another year older, a bit of me is excited to see him continue to grow into an amazing human being. But a bit of me also wants to hold onto whatever ounce of baby is left in him and hold on tightly.


Because it’s slipping.

But I sure am holding!

And this weekend we will celebrate this sweet boy.



  1. Happy birthday to your little man! My son just turned 4 last week – I totally feel you about them growing too fast. I love birthdays, but a part of me grieves a bit about my babies not being babies anymore.

  2. Christina says:

    It amazes me how fast they grow. My daughter Micheala is going to be 11 and is only 6 inches shorter than me, she already wears the same size shoe as me and as I look at her pictures, like you said the “baby” in her is going away a little more everyday. Its so bittersweet, they grow up and develop personalities and they also need you less and less… :(
    I will have a 7 year old, an 8 year old step son and an 11 year old by the end of this year… it goes by so fast.

    Happy Birthday Cal!

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