The 3rd Annual Girl’s Getaway Weekend Recap

Ahhhh… The Girl’s Getaway Weekend has come to an end.


But, I am left with some amazing memories, a few unique treasures and a full heart.

I began the day normally by getting ready, getting the kids dressed, fed and cleaned up. I am not sure why, but this morning was particularly difficult. I had one child crying because I poured him the wrong cereal and another crying because I didn’t pour her enough cereal.

One more hour! I told myself, just one more hour!

By 8:00 their bags were packed and in the car and we were off to Grammie’s house.

And by 8:30 I was back in my car and FRRREEEEEEEEE!!!


I went to the carwash and got the outside all shined up, cleaned the inside of spilled cheerios, rocks from my kids’ shoes they insist should be dumped inside the car and various toys, gloves and school work that was starting to pile up.

I went back home, tidied up the house, (I am one of THOSE who like to come home to a clean house) finished packing my bag and had a good 30 minutes to spare before my friend came over, so I sat down to finish one of my current favorite shows… How to Get Away With Murder.


SO GOOD! Watch it.

At 10:30 my girlfriend arrived and it was GO-TIME! We were like two giddy school mamas. It was cute, I tell you.

We had NO agenda, so the first thing I suggested was that we go to Reardon, WA. About 40 minutes from my house and a nothing little town. My friend looked at me with a sideways head for about half a second but then excitedly agreed, not even knowing what was there.

THAT is how excited we get for this little trip.

With Starbucks in hand we were off! And not really surprising anymore, but this little portion of the trip was one of my favorites. The drive. Uninterrupted talk. Not rushing to be anywhere. And we actually never even turned on the radio.

And the end result? One of the best stores we have been to in all of Washington.


Super creative. Jam-packed. And reasonable prices!

Plus, the owner is SUPER friendly and we probably spent two to three hours in there!

I left this place with one of the coolest pieces that I had the perfect spot for. This is where I also got my mother-in-law a gift for watching the kids, as well as this super cute drinking cup with metal straw and two bottles for  my mantle collection. You can see what I was on the hunt for HERE.

Next we went to a salvage yard my brother-in-law told me about and we deemed this place a gold mine if we ever need old windows or doors. This place was LINED with them!


After, we went to Roost and Pink Salvage downtown. The other friend meeting us later that day has a thing against plaid and antlers. She just does not understand the trend right now and refuses to accept it. Especially around Christmas. So, us two, thinking we could start up our own comedy show were dying when we came across a large plaid blanket and plaid hat that we decided we would buy and wear when she met up with us, seeing if she would notice our stylish attire.


After this we went to check into our hotel and meet up with our third friend.

And the anticipation was almost too much. You know when you’re trying to hold in laughter so hard you snort?

This was happening.

In she walks, pumped to see us…. and says nothing about our plaid.

NOTHING! While we sit there in a ridiculous plaid hat and shawl.

And this is when it dawns on us…. We forgot she is the most unobservant person…. ever.

So we spill the beans with what we have done and it becomes a little joke the rest of the trip. No real climactic moment here, unfortunately.

We are pretty hungry by now so we get cleaned up and head out to eat at The Italian Kitchen, which was fabulous by the way, and then hit up a few more stores before they closed like Hobby Lobby and Michaels.

While arranging frames on the floor of Hobby Lobby to see which formation would look best for a gallery wall, we realize how lucky we are to all enjoy spending time in a CRAFT store while on a girl’s trip. I mean, we could have been doing anything.

Throwing dollar bills off the tallest building in Vegas while downing champagne.

But no,  we arrange frames because we are childless and CAN. And it is FUN.

Hobby Lobby is where I found the bulk of my vases for HALF OFF. So once I left here, I was just about set.

We dropped off our stuff at the hotel and had to convince ourselves to go back out. At 9:30-10:00 we could have easily called it a night. But, we decided on just a couple of drinks at the martini bar down the street before calling it a night.


The next morning my two friends went to get a massage and I stayed back in the room and did a little workout, a little blogging and enjoyed the slow-paced nature of the morning.

Once back, we got breakfast and had one of those nice, long friend conversations that just truly make these trips special. The kind that aren’t rushed, aren’t about anything in particular and  take up a lot of time, in a good way.

And then we hit up a few more stores for minor things before parting ways.

Gwyn had a basketball game that day that I didn’t want to miss, one girl needed to get back home and one was going to do a little more shopping before heading back later.

So, while it seemed like a short time with the girls, it was definitely worth every second of planning and preparation.

Gwyn’s game was a ton of fun and then I got to spend the rest of the day with another best friend of mine. The Hubby! We looked around at some cars, which is miserable to do with kids, got his suit fitted, and while he was doing that I found a new favorite sweater, and then we went to dinner. It was great! (Sweater from Nordstrom Rack… Hurry! They had a whole rack of them!)



After dinner we hit up a couple of stores, and when I spotted these chairs I mentally rearranged the whole house just so I could fit them in somewhere.  Sadly, they didn’t come home with me.



Once home I was too excited to wait, so I set up the new goods from the weekend in the house and played with their arrangement until I was happy with them. The mantle just looks so fresh to me and I love how the bottle rack displays our favorite mugs.



The M Wall got a little loving this weekend, too!

image1 (38)

The next morning I got our grocery shopping for the week in before we picked up the kids, and that too was a treat. Kid-free grocery shopping! Can be done in like 20 mins. Amazing.


And then we picked up our little babes, and a wonderful greeting it was! We all missed each other and I was so happy to have them home.

Until next year!

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