The Tooth Fairy and Free Printables

A few days ago our little Gwyn came running up to me in utter excitement as she shoved her face in mine showing me her new wiggly loose tooth. She has wanted a loose tooth for about a year now after seeing her cousin’s missing teeth, so to have it finally happen to her couldn’t have made her happier.

But I will say I was NOT expecting this to happen already! She is four! And I don’t know why I had it in my head that children don’t lose teeth until like… seven, but that is definitely not the case.

So, I then thought I would have a week or two before the actual tooth fell out…

But no.

Not at all.

She worked that tooth for about four hours touching it and feeling it with her tongue and by night it was ready to fall out.

image1 (2)

And I was NOT ready for the tooth fairy so I encouraged her to “WAIT!”

That evening I found a local lady who could whip me up a little tooth fairy pillow and have it ready by the next morning. If you’re in need of a little tooth pillow as well, check THESE out, they’re super cute!

She went to bed that night with it still in her mouth, barely hanging on, and I was so thankful to see it still in her mouth the next morning and not in her tummy.

So, I asked if she would let me take it out as I didn’t want to miss the moment while she was at school, and she surprisingly said yes! She closed her eyes, opened her mouth and with one little pull it was out, and she was wide-eyed and ecstatic.

After this, Gwyn informed me that the tooth fairy leaves a gold coin in place of the tooth, and not knowing where she got this from I tried convincing her otherwise, but she was pretty certain of it so I went to the bank and to my complete surprise they had gold dollar coins! Noted!

That night I found the CUTEST mini envelope printable from Handmade Charlotte that I just couldn’t resist.

Printable Tooth Fairy Envelope

I LOVE anything in miniature form, so this was an instant yes. She has a few options to choose from OR you can use them all, but because I was so drawn to that miniature envelope, I decided to use that as the envelope the tooth fairy left behind. And because I now had a mini envelope, I needed a mini letter to go inside, so I created this little personalized one which fit perfectly.

Tooth Fairy Mini Letter


If you’d like to download this letter for yourself, you can do that HERE –>Tooth Fairy Letter


So, that night Gwyn put her tooth in her new tooth pillow and excitedly went to bed.




I waited, and waited, and waited until I thought it was safe to make the swap around 9:15 pm.

And I kid you not, my heart was pounding and adrenaline was rushing as I made my way up the stairs to make the swap. I mean, can you imagine the child waking up only to see your body hovering over theirs and trying to fumble your way out of that one?

I reached under her pillow, grabbed it and then chickened out and ran out of the room with it in hand, but just couldn’t swap it out in front of her. So, I ran it downstairs and made the swap there before I  tiptoed it back into her room without a problem.


That night, I was more excited than I ever anticipated I would be. I could NOT sleep! I woke up several times, checking the clock, making sure I didn’t oversleep as I had set my alarm for 6:00 am to try and catch her waking up and checking under her pillow.

But, nope!

I was woken up to a loud whisper in my ear from Miss Gwyn, barely able to hold back her excitement as she tried so hard to be quiet while telling me what the tooth fairy had left for her.

So we went out into the living room… at 5:45… and I let her get all the excitement out. And it was pure JOY experiencing this with her.





I then asked her to go back to bed, and I tried to  as well for another 20 minutes before getting up only to find Gwyn still up and playing with her special gold coin and letter.

Too much excitement.

These are the little moments and experiences I cherish so much as a mom. That I want to remember forever.


  1. Thank you for this post, it really helped me as my daughter just lost her first tooth and I had no idea what to do in terms of a note from the Tooth Fairy. Loved the mini template and the letter!

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