And We’re Off! 3rd Annual Girls Getaway Weekend

This weekend is our 3rd Annual Girls Getaway Weekend. To see recaps from the last two years, click HERE and HERE.

I have been looking forward to this for MONTHS!

The first year we went to Seattle. Last year, Portland. And this year we are staying local! The two other gals have fairly new babies at home, so we decided staying close was best this year.




And I am pumped!

It’s really not even about the location that does it for me. It’s just being with two of my best pals, kid-free, with zero responsibilities except to keep ourselves alive.


We have more responsibilities than that. But just being able to go where we would like without toting around diaper bags, extra snacks and a change of clothing while making sure to be home in time for naps is so…. freeing! And in the end it leaves us feeling refreshed and missing our families.

I’ve got a few things I am keeping my eye out for this weekend while we are out shopping.

1.- More “M’s” for our M Wall.

image1 (3)

2.- Spring decor for our mantle.

I am really liking the clear and green vases with natural greenery for our mantle this year. And since our mantle is tall, I am thinking a wooden pallet backsplash perhaps…

Here are some pictures from Pinterest I am using as inspiration…


27dc4e9dbe12827d489577d6136ec707  dc2c7a4ebf172036b8d621c13cfc54f7

3. Decor for our industrial shelf.

image2 (13)

Because the items on the shelf can’t be too tall, I am thinking maybe different wooden candlesticks in white…

More inspiration…



4. Decor for our industrial media cart. It’s empty!


I took most of what I previously had on the cart to The Hubby’s office to decorate it for him, so now it’s just big and empty. AND, here’s another tricky thing. That huge blank wall behind the cart has recently been turned into the projection screen for our now “TV.” So, finding decor for that cart has been a challenge. It needs to be on the shorter side, but even so, it still leaves the big empty wall looking strange when not in use. I need to figure that space out. I am welcome to suggestions!

Here is what I am working with…




I am starting to think I may put chairs on either side of the cart and move the card catalog. Maaaaybe even move the metal cart somewhere else, too, and put the card catalog in-between the two chairs. Something like this…


Architectural Digest


Blue Label Bungalow

So, local friends! Are there any restaurants, coffee shops, must-see sites, shops, etc. that you would recommend? We would love to hear!

Thanks for stopping by!

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