Menu Planning Sunday- Super Bowl Party Food Ideas

(Sooooo…I didn’t meal  plan this week…yet. Oops! I was too busy ogling over delicious appetizers that before I knew it it was Saturday night, so this is what you get! Start planning that Super Bowl menu, instead!)

I don’t normally care too much for the football portion of the Superbowl. Ha! But, now having lived in Washington for nearly six years having the Seahawks in it for the second year makes my level of excitement for it go up a notch. Maybe two.

What I REALLY like about the Superbowl is the food. For some reason I enjoy lots of little tastes of food… immensely.

After scouring Pinterest a bit, as well as incorporating some recipes I have already tried and loved, these are my top picks for this year. I am not sure which ones I will be making yet, but I am almost CERTAIN I will be making the first one on the list here. I mean….. GAH!


Jalapeno Popper Cheesy Stuffed Pretzel Bombs 

The Slow Roasted Italian


Cake Cottage

Avocado Deviled Eggs 



Vegan Guacamole Potato Skins

40 Aprons


 Baked Brie with Cranberries and Pistachios

Use Real Butter



Black Bean, Corn and Avocado Salsa 

With Style and Grace


 Tiny Brie Bites 

Hello Lately

Do you have any must-try recipes I should know about? Please share if you do!

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