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Highlights of my 20’s

Last month I joined a new decade and left behind my twenties. Le Sigh… And while lying in bed the other night I started to think about the past ten years and am amazed by everything that has happened. A LOT has happened. No wonder I am already starting to wrinkle! Here are the highlights. […]

The No-Meal Menu Planning Monday- Fail

We got back from our trip last night and I am wiped…. out. As in,  it takes a lot of energy to move. And to think. The traveling itself went fine. Not exactly relaxing, but I wasn’t in tears, so I call that a win! And it was kind-of an all-day thing with layovers and […]

The Great New Years Eve Nilla Races

I have never been one to get super excited about New Years Eve. Especially in pertaining to going out. Long lines, higher prices and fixed menus just isn’t my cup of tea. But, since we were staying with some of our best friends for the holiday, I left it up to them to decide how […]