How to Dominate Craigslist

Decorating our home has been such a fun thing for me and I LOVE when I find a good deal. Craigslist has become something I frequent often and I have found some AMAZING new pieces for our home that I think will be with us a long time. So I am sharing with you today how I find these deals. Ahem.

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Here we go.

When browsing Craigslist the first thing I do is set my view to “Gallery.” This allows me to view the titles and pictures of multiple items at a time and I can fly through pages pretty quickly.



If you are looking for something specific, then typing it into the search engine will quickly allow you to see what is available. I usually only like to view ads that include a photo, so you can choose this option in the box to the left. This gets rid of all other ads that don’t include at least one photo. You want to see what you’re buying and don’t want to waste your time going back and forth asking for photos or even going to see the item only to be disappointed.



You can also type in Keywords like “vintage” to do a more general search in a certain category to browse items.



Okay. When you find something you like, there are a few things to consider before contacting the seller.

First, how long has the ad been up? If it’s been up for a while then it’s either already gone and the owner hasn’t taken the ad down, OR it allows you more wiggle room to get the price down. Holla.

Also, if the ad was recently posted and is something that is just amazing, you want to contact the seller asap. The seller will usually allow people to view the item based on who contacted them first, which is another reason to contact right away even if you think you are interested.

This past summer I saw a pair of Adirondack chairs on Craigslist for a whopping $20. TWENTY FREAKING DOLLARS FOR TWO.

But, for some reason I didn’t contact right away and when I finally did about two hours later, they were gone.

And I was bummed.

SOMEHOW, they became available again and the seller contacted me and I jumped on them. I guess the person before me didn’t realize they had a shabby look to them, but for me, they were perfect.



If the item for sale has been up for a day or two and is still available, I will always offer less than what is posted. If it’s been up a month, I know I can go down even more.

These nightstands had been up for a few days before I found them. They were listed for $75 for the pair, which for nightstands is a great deal already. Once I found out they were still available, I asked if she would go down in price. And surprisingly, SHE was the one who said she would take $40 and I about dropped the phone.


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This ladder was listed at $45, and I asked if they’d take $30. Sold.

This clock was listed at $190 and we settled on $150, which for one of these fully-functioning clocks was a steal.

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Here is an example of something I found that was just posted when I found it that I knew wouldn’t last long. This Pottery Barn side table was listed at $30 and I didn’t even offer any less. I happened to be the first one to call and there was a line behind me.

This antique wingback chair was listed at $150. A STEAL. When I got there I saw a couple of stains I knew I could get out, so I offered $120. Accepted.



I randomly stopped by an estate sale one day and spotted this old door with original hardware. I could tell she was just trying to get rid of things, so I offered $5 and took it home right then and there.


I found this INCREDIBLE World Market industrial shelf for $140 and I KNEW it was a steal. Retailing at $399 I wasn’t ready to pay full-price for one, so when I came across this I JUMPED on it. The previous owner bought it six months ago for her office before selling the business and no longer needing it making it my immediate gain.


I was in need of more dishes for when we have company over and this gorgeous set was listed for only $20! I had $10 on me at the time and asked the seller if she would take that and she said yes! And I did a little happy dance!


So, my best advice is after feeling the situation out, don’t be afraid to offer less. Unless, you know it’s a screaming deal as-is.

I hope this information has helped a little bit and has given you an inside look at how I take advantage of the greatness Craigslist has to offer.

Check back soon for an update on my  most recent finds!

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