Best in Show Decorated House Award 2014 (free printable)

As a child one of m y favorite Christmas traditions was driving around at night with the family in tow looking at the holiday decor around the neighborhood. Now that we have kids of our own, we have started this tradition as well and I look forward to it every year.

This year is a pretty special one in that Cal, our youngest, truly enjoys everything that has to do with Christmas and any time he sees any kind of decoration he yells in delight, “It’s Christmas, Mommy! Look! It’s Christmas!” which just plasters a smile on my face.

Two years ago we started something  a little different and we handed out an award to the owners of what we thought to be the best decorated house. So we kept our eye out and at the end of the drive we voted on our favorite and then knocked on the door with the award.

The smile received (from everyone, really!) once the award is given is truly a special moment. I highly recommend you do this! You can read a little recap of last year’s experience HERE.


We are traveling for the holidays and leave tomorrow (Eek! I need to pack!) and will be doing this once we get to my old home town, and I am pumped for it!  If you end up doing this, take a pic of your winning house and share! I would love to see it!

And for a free printable of our award this year, scroll down.
Best in Show house award 2014 photo


You’ll make someone’s day! –  Best in Show house award 2014 (<– Click there)

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  1. What a fantastic idea!

    • Thank you, Renee! A friend of mine shared this idea with me a few years ago and so I started making signs for my own family ever since! It is SO much fun!

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