The Final Baby Dilemma Update

Oh my WOW! I can’t believe it! I was browsing through some old posts from last year and it dawned on me that it has been exactly a YEAR since I posted about our baby dilemma! A YEAR!

Really?! Did that time really just go by?

And so now the question you’re probably thinking is… WELL?!

No, I am not pregnant.

And BAH! We still don’t know!

In a perfectly planned out world we thought IF we had a third, we would try in December.


Right now.

But……I’m not ready.

So, maybe this in itself is a sign that we are complete. (?)

The four of us.

Because life is getting easier.

And we can go out to dinner as a family and I’m not ducking past french fries or wanting to box up my food and take it to go.

And I can take the kiddos out by myself when in need and not drive home in tears.

And I look at Miss Gwyn and Mr. Cal and am SO thankful for their little souls.

Infancy is hard.


It’s cute. And it’s cuddly. And so rewarding in many ways.

But it’s also sleep deprivation.

And on-edge parents.

And just plain… hard.

I truly believe if you can get through infancy as a couple, you can get through anything.

So, for right now, we are feeling good. We are feeling a little more complete. And our days are good.

That’s not to say our minds won’t change, because we seem to be good at that. And if we did decide to grow our family we do realize the hard years pale in comparison to the lifetime of happiness.

But, if you were wondering…. that is where we are at. :)

Thanks for stopping by!


Typical us. For some reason during these past few days we have been talking it about it more. One of us is pretty sure we would like another, while the other is still hesitant.

But, there you have it. Indecisive as usual. Would love to come to peace with an answer, but okay with waiting, too. :)


  1. I totally remember that post from last year – that was the first post I read of yours and I swear you took words right out of my mouth since we were on the fence about having a 3rd baby. Well, almost exactly one year later I’m reading your update and here I am with my little newborn in my arms! We honestly didn’t know for sure until the moment that I found out I was pregnant again. Back to the newborn stage it is, but it’s not nearly as bad as the first or second because the first two actually entertain each other. I’m in love with this little baby. So far, so good and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Good luck on your decision!

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