Our Big “Clock”

The ceilings in our dining room are tall.

Actually, the area we are using as a dining room has tall ceilings.

The previous owners used this room as a sitting room. But it is connected to our kitchen and we hated the thought that the room would only be sort-of used (Do people use sitting rooms?). That and our actual dining room is detached and across the hall. So when we started playing around with ideas of what to do with it and landed on our new dining room we became excited with the possibilities. As for the actual dining room…. office? Sitting room? Not sure.

We chose a dining table and chairs (See post here) and had a large mantle that needed a statement piece.

Enter, statement piece.


When I first saw a photo from The Liz Marie Blog with a giant pallet wood clock, I knew this would be the perfect addition to our mantle. So when The Hubby came across this old spool from a scrap wood yard, I knew it was time to make it happen.


image2 (10)


Those babies were HEAVY! Estimating at 85-100 pounds a piece, having The Hubby’s strong muscles (wink wink) to load them up was essential.

image3 (6)

 I took them home and cleaned off all the dirt and rust and then sanded them down. Enough so to work up a sweat!


image4 (5)


Gave them some paint..

image2 (11)


And then sanded them down to achieve that rustic look.

image3 (7)


After a good waxing to seal it all up, I then attached some brass numbers.



And again, with the super strong guns of The Hubby,(wink!) he hoisted that baby up there and secured it in. And I. Am. In. Love.



It’s thick, HUGE, and works perfectly for that spot.




Now as I am in the kitchen cooking, I have the perfect view!


Thanks for the inspiration, Liz!

And thanks for stopping by!


  1. I love it!!!!! I never thought of using a spool for that, what a great idea…..

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