Hitting On err.. Making Mom-Friends

I was recently tagged in a post on Facebook showing a video of two moms trying to interact and make friends. And it was all too funny and real. (See below.)

It made me start to think about how hard it really is to make mom friends. Or friends, period.

When I moved from Reno to Washington five years ago, I didn’t know anyone except for my in-laws. Which are great, by-the-way! But leaving the home where all of our friends lived was hard.

We were in a new town, I was newly pregnant, and The Hubby was in school full-time.

Good times!

I realized quickly that I needed to grow a pair and make some friends.

My first encounter looked like this…

I was in the school office applying to get my substitute license when I noticed a pretty blonde working behind the desk. She was friendly. She was helpful. She seemed my age.  And we even shared the same name! And come to find out, we were both pregnant, too.

It was fate.

I felt myself start to sweat as she was wrapping up my paperwork. I had that pit in my stomach, too. The nerves were full-blown.

Time was running out.

I was about to lose her.

She would be gone forever.

As she finished my paperwork, she looked at me as I started to fumble around with my belongings.

And then I decided to go for it.

I picked up a pen. Grabbed one of her Post-its. And said I’d like to see her again sometime as I slid my number across the table and left with a smile. Actually, it was one of those “I can’t believe I just did that!” expressions, but she couldn’t see.

Mmmm Hmmm. I totally hit on her.

I went straight home and told The Hubby what I had just done.

He was happy for me! And I think slightly nervous, too.

Would she call me?

Did I come acoss too strong?

Well, a day or two later and I got the call. A text, actually. Inviting me to coffee.


I made my first friend.


The night of our first date I made sure to pick out the perfect outfit.

Not too dressy that it seemed as if I was trying too hard, but not too casual so she didn’t think I was a shleb.

I got dressed, drove to the coffee shop and arrived about five minutes early, because that’s what I do. And turns out, she does too!

To shorten it up, we had a very nice, easy-flowing conversation and hit it off.

From there on out we were friends, even so much as planning one-another’s baby showers.

All because I took a chance.

Being the new person is hard. I still consider myself pretty new to Spokane and don’t know many people. But when I do meet someome I do make an effort to put myself out there. And I have realized over time that those who are in the same boat as myself feel the exact same way, so it never hurts to try!

So all in all, my message is to go hit on chicks!


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