The Creepy Hair Enabler

I admit it.

I am embarrassed to admit it.

But, I admit it.

I shared a LONG time ago about how Cal is a Creepy Hair Hoarder. 

Cal Cal2


And how I thought it was cute and endearing, and only slightly creepy.

Well…. he still does it.  But that’s not what I am admitting, here.

Instead of reaching for those sensitive back-of-the-head hairs that no longer hurt when pulled out because my head is immune, he is now old enough to ask for it.

And after a long day when I am  wiped out and all I want is for him to go to bed peacefully, he holds his hand up in the air and asks for one of my hairs, and I do the unthinkable…

Something that might creep you out even more than you already are.

I rip out my own hair.

To give to my son.

So he can hold it.

While he sleeps.

And when he does so he sleeps sound without even so much as a whimper as I am leaving the room.

And you are now officially creeped-out and are never going to read this blog again.

Sorry I lost ya. But I get it. Thanks for sticking by me for that long, anyway!

I am THE Creepy Hair Enabler.

The mom who is going bald to appease her son.

The mom who is now going to be known around the schools as the one responsible for why her son is hoarding hair in his backpack.

Or why he only dates women with long, bountiful locks.

Or why his wife sleeps in a separate bed because he pulls out her hair at night!

Oh man.

Look what I am doing, here!

It needs to stop.

I know this.

Which is why I am admitting this to you here today. To put it out there that I am The Creepy Hairy Mama and from here on out, I will be The Creepy Hairy Mama No More.

So if you happen to see me out and about, go ahead and point to your own head of hair and wag the finger of shame at me and I will be reminded to stay strong and not give in to The Creepy Hair Hoarder.

Thanks for stopping by. :)




  1. First, thank you for posting this! I can totally validate your feelings. As a mother, you’d do anything for your children and if that includes ripping out the very last hair on your head then so be it. Second, my one year old daughter does something similar and I first noticed it when she was about 3 or 4 months old. Not only is she obsessed with pulling those little hairs on the back if my head but she’d try to eat it too! I figured it was just a baby thing but now that she’s a little older she pulls out her own hair when she’s falling asleep (or mad, or when it’s wet…). I’m hoping she’s over the hair eating phase. I fear she’ll be on one of those freaky TLC shows about her weird habits. I’m so happy I’m not the only mom of a creepy hair kid!

    PS. I normally don’t comment on blogs but when I saw your IG post earlier I felt compelled! No shaming here…

    • Hi Sarah!
      Thank you so much for your kind words! And you are right. I’d do just about anything for those little ones. I also noticed it first in Cal when he was about 3-4 months and he actually started with pulling his own hair out. He was getting a bald spot so when he turned to me I was at least glad he left his own head alone. Haha and no Sarah, you are certainly not alone! And thank you so much for commenting and sharing! I received a few messages and texts from others who experience similar things!

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