It’s one of those “keep the contacts in” kind of nights….

It’s one of those “keep the contacts in” kind of nights.

The kind of night where mere seconds can make all the difference.

Where fumbling around in the dark for glasses can mean an extra twenty-thirty minutes in changing sheets, bathing kids and scrubbing carpets.

In other words, our babes are sick. And if I’m not able to sprint out of bed and make it to their rooms in 3-5 seconds I will be paying for it. Like a cheetah, I am!

After every time this happens, though, a little piece of my heart breaks.

Seeing them so weak, and scared, and almost lifeless is heart-wrenching. And as I hold their warm little bodies against my chest I wish it were me.

I know a super long night is ahead of us.

And maybe I should be grabbing every ounce of sleep I can in-between wakings.

But just watching their little bodies breathing is comforting.

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So now I am going in to the night with the mentality,  “I used to stay up all night in college! I got this!”

Did I mention The Hubby is out of town?

MmM hmm.

Weird how that happens, huh?

Wish me luck! And comfort for our babes.

Have a great night. :)

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