Gwyn’s First Day of Pre-K and some greatness from Te Amo Charlie

Gwyn was supposed to start school on Monday. But, we were hit by the flu bug pretty bad so she started two days later, instead. But still just as excited as ever!

Every year on the first day we go outside and have a little photo shoot, just the two of us. They’re silly. They’re fun. And I get photos that I cherish! Check out last year, here! What a difference a year makes! )

And this year I didn’t need to worry about making a little sign for her first day because once I found this $5 signs from Te Amo Charlie on Etsy that was WAY cuter than I could draw up myself, I knew that was it. Done. Check.

( I took a bajillion photos, I know. I’m a mom.)

IMG_8029 IMG_8035

IMG_8036 IMG_7987

IMG_7988 IMG_7989

IMG_8022 IMG_8021

IMG_8025 IMG_8024

IMG_7992 IMG_8001

IMG_8003 IMG_8008

IMG_8012 IMG_8013


IMG_7994 IMG_7993




I love these little signs. This is all information that I would want to remember anyway, so to have it in a cute little printable that I can tuck away every year is just right up my alley. And to be able to print myself is perfect too since I tend to me a little last-minute sometimes.

Check out Te Amo Charlie’s Etsy shop HERE, her website HERE., her Facebook HERE and her Instagram HERE!

I was perusing around Te Amo Charlie’s shop a little and she has a ton of other options, too! Some of my favorites are below.

Te Amo

Te Amo2

Te Amo3

Te Amo4

Te Amo5


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