The Battle of the Crazies Campout – aka Kindergarten Registration

After The Hubby and I had put an offer on our house we learned about The Kingergarten Campout.

THE kindergarten campout.

The one you have to do if you want your kid to go to the school you are zoned for.

Confusing, right?

Apparently when the school was built about seven years ago it was only built to occupy the amount of current children in the area. not anticipating growth.

Well, naturally, the area has grown and the school is not big enough to accommodate everyone.

So their solution?

Grownup Hunger Games.

A battle of the parents.

Every man/woman for him/hersellf.

Their solution is a first come, first serve basis.

Kindergarten registration is October 1st at 8:00 am  (for the following school year!!) which means the earlier you line up, the better chance you have of getting in.

Which means parents are lining up Black Friday style.

I am talking NOON the day before!

Parents start driving by early in the morning and once someone lines up, word spreads like wild fire.

Technically you’re not supposed to line up until 3:00 when school gets out, but that never happens.

So what are people supposed to do who work? Or who have their kids with them all day? Make them wait in line with them?

“Oh, sorry sweetheart, no, you can’t use the potty. It’s do or die!”

It’s really quite ridiculous.

So what I had to do was to reserve my mother-in-law in advance to watch the kids while I drive by like a madwoman and then line up with my camping chair and vodka a book and stay OVERNIGHT.


What I have heard to be protocol is for the women to take the day/evening shift and then the men come for the overnight portion.

Some have tents. Some have air mattresses. Some freeze balls.

This is a photo a friend sent me from last year.


So, that is what TODAY/TONIGHT is for us. So while you are reading this, I am either wasting gas or my buns are parked on a sidewalk.

Nice way to bring the community together, right?

I mean, am I going to be trampled by Mama Mary or Fierce Freida?

Oh, and what about the kids who don’t make the cut? They are bussed to the zoned elementary school and then get on ANOTHER bus and are taken to another school further north. Thus, being on a bus for close to an hour.

Lame-sauce. And no way are my kids are doing that. Or rather, no way I am driving that far every day.

I will let you know how it all goes down!

Have a great day! And for entertainment purposes, why don’t you tell me something interesting? I could probably use the entertainment!


  1. Sweet. Mercy. That sounds absolutely insane.

    Interesting: I don’t have another wedding for two months. The sudden amount of freedom has literally made me go into a state of wild abandonment, and I haven’t cleaned my house in two days. I’ve just been exploring the soft, intricately-woven blankets on my bed. And it’s amazing.

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