We Bought a Home! -And I’ve started decorating before we’ve even moved in.

`Ever since The Hubby and I have been married, we’ve sort-of been “on pause” in regards to our home.

The Hubby was accepted into his program right after we got engaged, so we bought a temporary little home in the town he went to school in right before we got married. It was a double-wide and we lived there happily for four years while we had our two babes. We didn’t buy any furniture during this time except for a small little table from Shopko to put in our cozy little kitchen as we didn’t know what our future home would look like.

After The Hubby’s program, we moved to a nearby city and lived in a rental while we became familiar with the area.

And as I briefly shared with you last week, we just bought a home! EEee!! (The house behind the sign isn’t ours. That’s the neighbors. :) )


securedownload (8)


It’s extremely exciting and also a little overwhelming all at the same time. But mostly exciting!

The back yard is my favorite part. It’s woodsy, spacious and we saw a little deer back there while visiting!

securedownload (11)

I have started to peruse Craigslist for things to furnish it with, and I am okay with going at it slow and steady. But I thought I would share with you a couple of things I have found that I am SO excited about.

First, this card catalog.  (!!!)

securedownload (9)

You may be thinking, what would you do with a card catalog?

Well, mostly it’s just a (super!!) interesting piece that I will probably put a lamp and some other decor on. And as storage maybe dinner napkins, napkin rings and other small items like that. But once I saw it I immediately fell in love and it was a steal!

Second, this (faux) Mora clock.

 securedownload (12)

Eyes bulge!

I LOVE how unique it is and while I am not a fan of the floral face, I have plans of changing that. So stay tuned! Also, a steal.

I’ve been keeping my eye out for one of these old latters for about a year now and I randomly came across one this past weekend! I plan on hanging throw blankets from it and keeping it in the living room propped against the wall.

securedownload (19)

Finally, this Pottery Barn ceramic side table.  This thing is sturdy, heavy and sleek! I’d like to put a beverage on it right about now…

securedownload (18)

I just can’t see myself ever paying full price for one of these things and this one was a complete steal! Now I just need a cozy chair to put next to it…. Hmm…

We move into the new house in late September. Check out my Instagram page for little snippets here and there!

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  1. I love everything that you found. I’m so impressed! I especially can’t wait to see how the clock turns out. It totally reminds me of Cogsworth from Beauty and the Beast. Good luck with all the moving stuff :) I know it’s not very fun, but it will totally be worth it in the end!

    • THANK YOU, Melissa! And you are not the first to reference Cogsworth! Haha, funny! And I am SO hoping this is our last move for a LONG time!

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