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The Battle of the Crazies Campout – aka Kindergarten Registration

After The Hubby and I had put an offer on our house we learned about The Kingergarten Campout. THE kindergarten campout. The one you have to do if you want your kid to go to the school you are zoned for. Confusing, right? Apparently when the school was built about seven years ago it was […]

A Boho Chic Photo Shoot

This summer I had the opportunity to step WAY out of my comfort zone. Way, way out. A group of photographers were getting together for a bohemian stylized photoshoot highlighting the incredibly beautiful paper flower headpieces made by one of the photographers, Stephanie Arieno. This was also a chance for these local photographers to connect, […]

The Dreaded Baby / Family Photo Books- How to quickly make them and save money on them, too

I am not one to stay on top of taking photos, sending them to the store for printing, buying photo albums, picking up those photos, organizing them in the albums and then writing captions next to each photo. Oh, and what about buying all of the cute little embellishments to actually make them look nice? […]

My Kind of Perfect Family Day

We started off the morning with our favorite game, Backgammon. The kids have begun playing with us, rolling the dice and it is a game that has been in The Hubby’s family for many years. We hope to keep the tradition alive! And then not long after, Gwyn hit a major milestone! And we were […]

Potty Trained Kids are the Pits

Once we (currently) outgrew the infancy stages in our home I thought we were home-free. I thought we were going to once again rest peacefully through the night and maybe even dream of bunnies and unicorns. Those bags under the eyes would diminish. Those bloodshot eyes would once again be pearly white. And we’d wake […]

Gwyn’s First Day of Pre-K and some greatness from Te Amo Charlie

Gwyn was supposed to start school on Monday. But, we were hit by the flu bug pretty bad so she started two days later, instead. But still just as excited as ever! Every year on the first day we go outside and have a little photo shoot, just the two of us. They’re silly. They’re […]

Bedtime Shenanigans – A Photoshoot

You are about to experience cuteness overload. As in, you may faint a little bit when you see how cute these clothes are from Bedtime Shenanigans. And the kids? I die. Can I have him? I LOVE the triangle elbow patches on this dress! I   I’ll go ahead and take this whole outfit for […]

We Bought a Home! -And I’ve started decorating before we’ve even moved in.

`Ever since The Hubby and I have been married, we’ve sort-of been “on pause” in regards to our home. The Hubby was accepted into his program right after we got engaged, so we bought a temporary little home in the town he went to school in right before we got married. It was a double-wide […]

It’s one of those “keep the contacts in” kind of nights….

It’s one of those “keep the contacts in” kind of nights. The kind of night where mere seconds can make all the difference. Where fumbling around in the dark for glasses can mean an extra twenty-thirty minutes in changing sheets, bathing kids and scrubbing carpets. In other words, our babes are sick. And if I’m […]

The Protein-Packed Mom Bar – For when there’s just no time

Do you ever forget to really make yourself a decent breakfast? Need a little snack in-between meals and fishy crackers aren’t cutting it? Or need a late-night guiltless treat? Well, I got ya covered. Because I needed all of these things and finally put this one together. I’ve been saying for years someone needs to […]