The Organic Painter

There has been a lot going on with our family this past summer, including the decision to sell our first home. The home that I was carried across the threshold in. The home we brought our two babies home in. The home we shared our first four years of marriage in.

So, naturally, it was bittersweet.

The first things that needed to be done were some exterior repairs as well as rebuilding the stairs. So we took some time, (and by we, I mean The Hubby did while I watched the kids) and he repaired everything that you see in a natural wood color.

Next was to paint the exterior. After being worn out from being in the beating sun working on repairs for a week, The Hubby decided to hire this part out and called Steven Bell, The Organic Painter. I’ll explain the name later.

A little perturbed for hiring out a job (I thought) we (and by we I mean The Hubby since I was watching the kids) could do ourselves, I saw just how much work The Hubby had done and agreed to his decision and by the end of the first day was SO thankful we didn’t do everything ourselves! Steven and his father are a painting duo with over fifteen years experience and they do a fantastic job.

Go ahead, see for yourself!

These are some before photos. The natural wood color is where The Hubby made his repairs. The house was a light blue/gray with a darker blue trim (Eew) so while I was at the thought of selling the house, I was NOT sad to see the color go.

20140716_174041 20140720_11573820140720_11570320140719_184724

They also re-stained our ENTIRE fence in the backyard including the smaller fence that enclosed the garden as well as the planter boxes themselves.

20140719_184730 20140720_115647

Day one consisted of covering everything that wasn’t supposed to be painted and painting the entire exterior with the base color. This would have taken us a week!

20140720_11063820140720_12004520140720_113711     20140720_120053 20140720_132915

Day two consisted of painting the trim, the stairs and staining ALL of the fences.

20140720_153033 20140720_171823

The difference is just incredible!

20140720_193649 20140720_19230920140723_132907

It looks like a brand new fence was built

20140723_132923 20140723_132930



Day three consisted of the touch-ups. The paint store  didn’t match the exterior paint properly when we went back for more leaving blotchy spots all over the exterior. What could have been a very frustrating and costly mistake ended up just fine! These guys not only fixed the paint store’s mistake FREE OF CHARGE but did so with a smile on their face. And I shall keep the paint store’s name anonymous because I am classy like that. You can see what I mean by the blotchy patches below.



They just… took care of it!

In fact, we liked their work SO much that we decided to have them come back a fourth day to paint the shed to match the house as well as paint our red kitchen on the inside a more neutral color.




And voila! A complete transformation in under four days! I am incredibly grateful The Hubby called these guys and took the load off our shoulders. They were quick, efficient, and easy to work with.

Oh, and we named Steven “The Organic Painter” since the one thing that fuels his system creating super quick results is organic fruit! The guy ate a ton of it!


The end result… :)


If you are in the Pullman, Moscow, Lewiston, Clarkston, Spokane or surrounding areas and you need any sort of painting done, call up The Organic Painter (Steven Bell) at 509-592-8885 or send them an e-mail at They come highly recommended!

(Sigh) And now it’s ready for the market. Wish us luck!



  1. Johanna Fieldman says:

    They did a great job! Looks so good! I will be calling for a quote here, soon!

  2. This was a very nice post, apologies to anyone who called for estimates and did not receive one. The months prior were difficult for me so if anyone had a bad experience I apologize. I seem to always get calls at difficult times when I am considering other options. It’s not easy to get started as a painter. I have learned many lessons since then.


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