The Jaw-Dropping (moment during the) Bachelorette Finale Recap

So….. I have a confession.

While The Hubby was out of town for 10 days I somehow started watching a show called Pretty Little Liars and now I am hooked!

Embarrassingly hooked!

It’s a total Lifetime-highschool-drama -suspense-thriller and I can’t stop.

So instead of writing a proper recap I’ve been binge-watching this show to try and finish it while he’s been away.

I know, it’s bad.

Anyway, since I thought the finale was MOSTLY a snooze-fest, I thought I’d comment on a few of the highlights/notable moments.

This is Andi’s Dad talking with Nick. And during their whole convo I couldn’t help but wonder, “When do men start to sit like this?” If I ever saw my hubby sitting like this I would slap him.


Next, someone, anyone, please tell me where Andi’s dress if from! I love every single thing about it!

securedownload (4)

And Josh. The first thing I need to comment on this photo is Josh’s signature booby shirt. Would you EVER wear a shirt showing THAT much cleavage when meeting someone’s parents? And you’d think I was talking about a woman, here! Next, could you live with someone who constantly has this face plastered on? Seems exhausting. 
securedownload (3)

Coral pants. Now HE is wearing coral pants. Oh the humanity!

securedownload (2)

On their date Josh reads Andi a very simple letter. And we congratulate him on knowing how to semi-read.

securedownload (1)Do people really sleep in these?! Do they?! If so, man, my hubby is missing out. And then who goes walking around in one?! That is NOT NORMAL, ABC.

securedownload (5)

Josh gets to pick out a super expensive ring and before Nick gets the chance to do the same, Andi knocks on the door and breaks Nick’s heart. And she’s really not even that upset about it.

securedownload (12)

The first thing Josh talks about during his opening speech is baseball. His “profession” seven years ago.

This is when I would have turned around and walked away.

securedownload (11)

Blah, blah she accepts his proposal.

And on to the After the Final Rose show. Apparently Nick has been trying to get a hold of Andi since the show has ended and she has refused to see him. Of course, ABC plants this moment to be “the first time” they see each other.

It’s awkward. He tells Andi she took their relationship too far only to break his heart.


I mean, I had to pick my jaw up off the floor.

Are you ready?

You sure?


Nick totally calls Andi out for SLEEPING with him during the show.


He just announces to the world that Andi is a wee-bit slutty, or maybe she was drunk, knowing her family is watching, too.

securedownload (7)

He tries making it seem like he’s the innocent victim…. but he totally knew what he was doing. And America continues to think he’s a sleeze.

She processes what the hell he just said and then tells him that was below the belt and private

securedownload (8)

She then gets pissed and rips him a new one. And the audience claps.


securedownload (6)


And Andi and Josh live happily ever after.

Or at lease for a few more months.


Thanks for hanging in there with me during this season! ‘Till next time!

P.S.- Stop by tomorrow to see “The Josh” and “The Nick” cupcakes I created for the finale!

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