Riding the House Hunting Gone Wrong Crazy Train

These last couple months have been an emotional roller coaster. Extreme highs, and extreme lows. A few loopdy-loos, too.

Back in February we started our house hunting search. It started off fun and exciting, and ended stressful and disappointing.

In June we thought we found “the one.” It had many of the qualities The Hubby and I both wanted in a house, had an incredible backyard and was in a school district we would be very happy with as our kids grow. To add to it all, there was a five-year-old girl next door. And the mom was awesome. Yes, I scoped out the neighbors.

Do you think that’s weird? I wasn’t sure, but did it anyway and I am so glad I did. Just the reassurance I needed.

But after that initial visit, everything started to go south.

Very south.

That night I received a text from our realtor that some chess pieces were missing from a set the seller had out in the home while we were viewing it. NINE chess pieces were missing. And the seller was VERY upset. Her deceased grandfather had given her the set and it was useless without all the pieces.

Horrified, The Hubby and I searched our kids’ clothes, bedrooms and the car and came up empty-handed.

I wrote back our findings to our realtor and stated that in the morning we would ask Gwyn if she knew where they were.  The next morning I did just that and Gwyn informed me she put some behind the throw pillow that was on the chair right in front of the chess set.


I told this to our realtor and that was the last we heard about it.

Excited about the house, The Hubby and I decided to see it again two days later. On the way to the showing, our realtor called the homeowner and she informed him that she had found two of the pieces, but seven were still missing and she has scoured the whole house.

Fast-forward a little bit…

The Hubby and I arrive at the house (childless, this time) and when we are about fifty feet from the house we see the homeowner’s car speed away, turn down the nearest cross-street, flip around and park on the side of the road.

And we can see her…

Weirded out, I tell The Hubby to stay in the car. Our realtor wasn’t there yet and I had a feeling she was just trying to scope us out.

She doesn’t budge, and when our realtor does arrive, he goes in the house and The Hubby and I wait in the car, watching. Actually, I told The Hubby to act like he was on the phone.

Thinking I am crazy, he does just to humor me.

Then, she slowly drives down the street toward us and then idles in front of the house, kiddie-corner to our car before speeding off.

Once I see her down the street The Hubby and I bolt out of the car only to see her whip her ride around and speed back down the street.

We made it inside before she could see us, though, and I am now thoroughly weirded-out.

The first thing The Hubby and I do after walking inside is to go straight to where the chess set was (it is now removed) and I lift up the pillow where Gwyn said the pieces were and THERE WERE ALL NINE CHESS PIECES.

Right there, in plain sight. Not stuck in the side cushions. Not under the chair. In plain sight.

And there were nine…. not seven like she said she was still missing….

My jaw practically hit the floor.

This is when the realtor let us know that the homeowner was also upset with us for allowing our kids to jump all over the beds, messing up all of the bedding. He dismissed this since our kids never went in any of the bedrooms and took it as a mistake, but he now knew she was rocking the crazy horse.

With all of us pretty disturbed by this, we walk-through the house once again, but this time with a bitter taste in our mouths.

We talk with our realtor outside for a while and by the time we left it had been about two-and-a- half hours. As we are walking down the driveway I look down the street AND THERE IS THE HOMEOWNER.

And as soon as she sees us she speeds down the street going about 40 mph, and that time, she got her glimpse. She then turned down the same street, parked, and waited.

And we left completely weirded-out.

Even though we felt we  just rode the fast track to crazy town, we wanted to pursue the house. So, we made an offer.

She needed lawyers to review our offer (strange, I know) , so it took a few days for a response, and then she countered with wanting a 115 day close.

CAN YOU EVEN IMAGINE?! And it was contingent upon her finding a house and being approved for financing in another state.

To make a long story short (er) we ended up goign as far as getting the inspection only to find it had a cracked foundation.

End of story. Game over. Pouty lips out. Super discouraged.

After that fiasco we gave up on the hunt. Decided to stay put.

Until….a house was brought to our attention out of the blue….


To be continued! (Because there’s another CRAZY story going along with it, too! I swear this whole thing could be made into a movie.)


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  1. Holy crazy balls!! That’s a nutso story- like the crazy lady must not actually want to sell her place!?

    • That’s the conclusion we came to. She made is SO difficult to proceed that we decided she really wasn’t ready to move. But, everything works out in the end!

  2. Is this chick serious? What a whacko! I’m astounded by this story. The whole time I was reading it, I was thinking she was going to refuse to sell to you. She had to have known you could see her as she drove around like crazy person! Seriously. I want to meet her just to know how crazy she is.

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