Inexpensive PVC Pipe Waterfall Sprinkler

While visiting my parents this summer we were faced with some pretty hot afternoons, so my dad made the kids this PVC t pipe sprinkler as a fun way to keep them cool. Not being the easiest thing to transport home, The Hubby made the kids one as well once we got home and it has been one of the biggest hits of the whole summer.  And it cost less than $20!

With many hot days ahead of us this is a great way to keep cool, enjoy something new and it can be used many ways.










IMG_5061 IMG_5062

IMG_5063 IMG_5064

IMG_5065 IMG_5066



Also makes a great water slide!






We’ve also set it up in the street and let the kids ride their bikes underneath it. Huge hit! Enjoy!



2 10 ft poles of 3/4″ PVC Pipe

2 90* elbows

2 T”s

3 caps

1 threaded hose fitting


1. Cut one of the PVC pipes in half giving you two 5′ poles. Then, cut the other pole into three, three foot poles (with an extra foot to spare). Then cut two of the three foot poles in half, giving you four 18 inch poles.

2. Drill holes about 1-2 inches apart across the three foot pole where the water will spit out from.

3. Insert two of the 18″ poles on either side of one of the T’s and repeat for the other side, using up all four 18″ poles and both T’s.Then, insert the two 5′ poles to the top holes of the T’s.  Next, insert the elbows on top of each 5′ pole and insert the 3′ pole with the drilled holes.

4.  Put three caps on the base of the structure covering the holes and one threaded hose fitting where your hose will attach to.

5. Attach the hose, turn on the water gently, and enjoy!

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