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Lies, Letters and Dirty Lads- Bachelorette Recap 6

The episode starts out in Venice and it looks absolutely incredible. Andi starts out the episode by announcing that the first one-on-one date begins right away. Everyone expects it to go to I Kiss My Own Muscles, Cody since he is the only one who hasn’t been on one yet, but instead it goes to […]

Our Reno Rendezvous 2014 Recap

For the last three weeks the family and I were  in Nevada. I am originally from there and that is where The Hubby and I met in college, so we make an annual trip down there to see my family and so that The Hubby can tend to his business.   It’s not really a […]

Easy Fourth of July Treats

One of my favorite things about the Fourth is the food, of course! Below are the festive treats I plan on making again this year that are SIMPLE and use some of the same ingredients, keeping it cost effective as well.   Berry Skewer Flag    Cream Cheese Stuffed Berries Ingredients 1-2 packages of strawberries […]

Snitches, Prudes and Lame Ol’ Dudes- Bachelorette Recap 5

The  episode starts with the crew moving to France.  And I am envious.   Josh Cubin is the one to receive the one-on-one date and it is composed in French, so we have no idea what they’ll be doing. Andi sits down with Chris Harrison and is wearing a nice long turtleneck because…. He then […]

A Special Little Treasure Hunt

We’ve been visiting my parents the last few weeks and while here they’ve done some pretty fun things with the kiddos, including this very thought-out and adorable treasure hunt. All areas of my parents’ back and front yard.   The treasure map magically showed up  in the mailbox one morning… And from there the kiddos […]

Our Love Story- Part 3

To see Our Love Story Part 1- Click here. To see Our Love Story Part 2- Click here. It wasn’t long after I knew that while The Boyfriend treated me well, he was just not the one for me. And I felt guilty. He was just so nice and didn’t do anything wrong and the last thing […]

A Graduation Party for the Older Grad

As I have shared, The Hubby graduated recently with his PhD in finance and we are all just so proud of the guy. So proud, in fact, that one of The Hubby’s best friends wanted to throw him a party for he and all the ol’ buddies back home while we are in town visiting […]

Gwyn’s Pink and Gold Princess Party Has Been Featured!

As someone who thoroughly enjoys party planning, I am SO excited to share that Kara’s Party Ideas, which is one of the top party idea/planning websites,  has featured Gwyn’s Pink and Gold Princess party! And I am beyond thrilled about this!   To see the entire feature, click HERE! SQUEEE!!! That is all! I am going […]

P, P, P, Poker Face, P, P, Poker Face- Bachelorette Recap 4

The episode starts off with everyone in Connecticut because…. Why? What’s in Connecticut? ABC must be running out of money. The guys start off with a group bath (is this what men do when they get together?) and then the date card arrives and it goes to Dylan. They take a train ride and Dylan […]

Turning Boys into Men- Bachelorette Recap 3

Mmmmk. So last week ABC decided to grace us with TWO, TWO-HOUR episodes meaning you will get the first today, and the second tomorrow. This episode is a fun one and begins with a one-on-one date with Nick and they have a “normal” date in Santa Barbara where the show has shifted to.  They ride […]