Happy 4th birthday, Sweet Gwyneth! – Reminiscing and tears. Happy tears.

Four years ago, (It was Mother’s Day!)  I received the most wonderful gift I could have ever imagined.

Our daughter.

I still cry every time I watch that video.

That little girl made me a Mommy, and I will forever be grateful for that.

Now, four years later, she is one funny, compassionate and intelligent little girl that we are honored to be the parents of.






DSC_0686 (2)






A big happy birthday to our sweet baby girl, Gwyneth!

Tomorrow is Gwyn’s birthday party (and The Hubby’s graduation) which means today is a busy one! But, it won’t start off right without celebrating our little girl, first.  So, that is what we will be doing this morning; a few of her favorite things. Then once nap time hits it’s to the kitchen I go for some baking madness.

Thanks for stopping by. :)


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