Gwyn’s Pink and Gold Princess Party- Part 2

If you missed Part 1- the decor and food from the party, click here.

Today is all about the guests, the fun, and the entertainment. And oh my word, the entertainment was SUCH a hit. SUCH a hit!

Yeah, I just repeated myself. Because I am that excited.

We begin with Gwyn seeing her party for the first time. And this look right here made it all worth it.



And her adorable friends arriving… Can you guess what they’re all  into?





The Hubby sneaking a taste… caught ya!




And after the guests arrived two VERY special guests from Party Enchantments arrived from around the corner to give Gwyn her very own personal meet and greet.



A little in shock, a little in awe, a little shy. Gwyn had never seen a princess before and she had no idea they were coming. This was so fun to experience with her for the first time.



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And just so you have an accurate idea, these princesses were in character from the moment Gwyn laid eyes on them until the moment they walked out the door and around the corner. Not once did they break character. From their gestures, to their phrases to their magical singing voices. These princesses are on-point and down-right fantastic.


 Gwyn receiving her royal princess crowning. (Look at those hand-gestures!)



The Hubby, being a good sport, received a little royal crowning himself.




Cinderella and Snow White then took the girls outside to play some games with them including Princess Says (Simon Says) and a game similar to musical chairs, which even the boys got in on!








I just love this photo…



And in true magical spirit, they offered prizes to all participants.






These guys ran like clockwork. While outside, the Party Enchantments crew was inside setting up a craft for the kids. The princesses got to decorate pink princess tiaras and the boys golden crowns.





And they were all into it!







Gwyn became so comfortable with these princesses that she even took them up to her room for a little tour.



In no time the little girls were ALL over these princesses. They were just that magical! (Hand gestures!)










Perfection. Like I said, they never broke character. Not even while talking to one another.


And then it was time for the cake.




And once again I couldn’t be more grateful for the photos Stephanie took from Shmily Face Photography! These are SO good and incredibly special!







She is really wishing hard!




And then while everyone ate cake, Cinderella told a wonderful story that had every single child’s attention. I kid you not. Every one.











And then…. and then she sang. Like, really well. The babies were quiet, the children said wow and the adults were in awe. It was a magical moment for all.

No joke.







After the story and song, the kids opened their little favor boxes and found a little Princess Scratch Card inside from Inklings Paperie (along with a few other goodies).  Whichever child had the golden crown was to receive a special signed photo from Party Enchantments of all the princesses. There was a little mix-up on my part, so instead, all of the kids were winners and they are all going to receive a signed photo… even better!




After, the children went outside for a little hair boutique and every little thing they did was just adorable, including sprinkling a little glitter on top their heads after they were finished and saying “bippidy, boppidy, boo!” making each child feel so special.







Cinderella and Snow White then taught the girls how to be a princess which had all of the parents and grandparents just drooling.







For the last activity, the girls did a treasure hunt all around the house and backyard finding things like Cinderella’s slipper and  Snow White’s apple and this was an absolute hoot. This had everyone running around in delight squealing away trying to decipher where the hidden objects could be.



And then some posed photos which are just about the sweetest thing…. EVER.




Each guest then received a special autograph from the princesses and then the opportunity to take as many photos as they liked.




Freezing everyone…. So cute.



securedownload (6)11




After another gorgeous song, the princesses then said their goodbyes and walked far enough away as to not be seen by the little people in order to keep their imaginations on full blast.



securedownload (6)123

Can you tell I am a little bit obsessed with Party Enchantments? They absolutely nailed it.

They ran the party in an organized manner leaving the parents to just sit back and enjoy the party. Games were played, crafts were provided, songs were sung, stories were told, and a plethora of fun was had by all.

I think I got chills whenever I was near one of those princesses as I was overcome with nostalgia.

Before the party I received an outline of the activities (which was awesome) and if during the party something would just work out better another way, they were quick to adjust.  They took the reins and I just sat back and watched the magic take place (you know, while I wasn’t wrestling my toddler) .

I just can’t recommend Party Enchantments enough. Being able to keep the party at home was so convenient for our family and having the entertainment show up and run the show was perfection.

And again, not to have to be the one behind the camera the entire time was also SO incredibly nice and I couldn’t be more grateful for Shmily Face Photography’s photos! I mean, I just can’t capture what Stephanie has done. I just can’t!  Such talent and I too highly recommend  their services!

Visit Party Enchantments website here and their Facebook page here!

AND visit Shmily Face Photography’s website here and their Facebook page here!

As always, thanks for stopping by!


  1. Kristin Donahue says:

    Okay I am HAVING these princesses at Sadie’s next birthday! It looks like it was a blast! Do they have Ana and Elsa?

  2. Chelsea Hamilton says:

    I want to be a princess….

  3. Tori Litz says:

    Everything looks wonderful! I wish we could hear those princesses… now I want to listen to them sing!

  4. Brenna Wilson says:

    Those little girls are so lucky! Looks like they had such a good time!

  5. Thanks, Jenny! :)

  6. Samantha D. says:

    What a magical day! Love it all!

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