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A Stripper or a Drunk- Andi, Pick Your Husband! – Bachelorette Recap 2

We start this episode with Chris Harrison giving out the first one-on-one date card. As the camera is being flashed from man to man as they wait in anticipation, I notice one of the guys has a black eye. What is happening behind the scenes that isn’t being shown?! 24 hour footage, here, People! Eric […]

Off on a little post-graduation vacay

The Hubby and I are off to Seattle! This trip has been a looooong time awaiting. This little trip signifies the end of The Hubby’s program, the end to the school/work year, and the end to five hard years of dedication. It also signifies the beginning of summer, the beginning of new adventures and the […]

A Little Bromancing in Gingham City – Bachelorette Season 10 Recap 1

We begin the episode with a tribute to one of the contestants , Eric the Explorer, who passed away after filming ended and it just sets a sad tone. I truly feel sad for his loved ones. The episode then opens with a little background story of Andi, The Bachelorette, and we re-learn how she […]

The Hubby Graduated! And We Partied.

I mentioned before that The Hubby graduated the same day as Gwyn’s fourth birthday. It was a BUSY but incredibly fun and emotional day! You can see Gwyn’s party here and here, and as soon as that was done we wrapped up the food, left everything else and then booked it down to Pullman, changed […]

The Bachelorette Season 10 Featuring Andi- Meet the Bachelors

Iiiiiiiiiit’s baaaaaaAAAck! I must say, I’m not sure I am QUITE ready for another season of The Bachelor (I can’t believe I am saying this?) but maybe it’s because of how LAME-sauce The Pabs was last season? Yeah. That’s got to be it. I like this season’s bachelorette, Andi Dorfman, so I am having high […]

Gwyn’s Pink and Gold Princess Party- Part 2

If you missed Part 1- the decor and food from the party, click here. Today is all about the guests, the fun, and the entertainment. And oh my word, the entertainment was SUCH a hit. SUCH a hit! Yeah, I just repeated myself. Because I am that excited. We begin with Gwyn seeing her party […]

Gwyn’s Pink and Gold Princess Birthday Party- Part 1

Gwyn’s Pink and Gold Princess 4th birthday party was nothing short of magical. Her favorite color being pink and her love for sparkle and shine created the color combo for this princess party and while I tried keeping the decor sophisticated, I still wanted the party to be fun for the little ones. Gwyn was one […]

Our Love Story- Part 2

To see Our Love Story- Part 1, click here. The Boyfriend and I met in a Communications class. He was funny and easy to talk to and although I wasn’t looking for a boyfriend, or rather, I didn’t want a boyfriend, I did like his company. He made sure to sit by me each day, […]

Happy 4th birthday, Sweet Gwyneth! – Reminiscing and tears. Happy tears.

Four years ago, (It was Mother’s Day!)  I received the most wonderful gift I could have ever imagined. Our daughter. I still cry every time I watch that video. That little girl made me a Mommy, and I will forever be grateful for that. Now, four years later, she is one funny, compassionate and intelligent […]

Two parties, one day. Makes sense…

This week is a big one for our family. Our little girl turns four (on Friday) AND The Hubby graduates (on Saturday.) So just to make things interesting I decided to have Gwyn’s birthday the same day  The Hubby graduates. Doesn’t that sound like a good idea? Here was my thinking behind that: There are […]