If I had a stalker I’d like it to be this person…

This is probably the  only time I will ever say this…

But I want a stalker.

If I could have one person follow our little family around all the time it would have to be Mica Sansaver. Why, you might ask?

Because ever since we had out first ever family photos taken last fall, it was true love.

The girl, is good.

Real good.

Let me refresh your memory.

IMG_9376 (2)







IMG_9714 copy


And then she took the photos at Cal’s birthday and I wanted more, I tell you. More!










And then a couple of weeks ago the girl might as well have dug my grave because I just about DIED when I saw these Easter/mother-daughter photos.

IMG_3042 IMG_3162





A couple times a year Mica has a Mini Session special and she is just about to have one! YOU can get your hands on some of your very own special photos if you nab one of the select spots available for this special.


The best thing, in my opinion, about these mini sessions is that they’re done in thirty minutes. My kids won’t last that much longer, anyway, so I feel like I am paying for exactly the amount of time we will use.

I have never been to Greenbluff, the location for this Spring Mini Session, but hear it is GORGEOUS and cannot wait to meet Mica there with my little family to get some photos with the lovely blooms that are out to decorate our drab walls with.

So, if you are at all in the market for anything like this, jump on this opportunity! Pictures are priceless!

Thanks for stopping by!


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