One proud wifey

This post is primarily going to be about The Hubby.

If he ends up reading this he probably won’t like it very much, but he’s not the one behind the computer, now is he?

About five years ago we made a big decision as an almost married couple to quit our jobs. We were living in Reno, about to be married and could have been quite comfortable where we were. I was a school teacher and he a financial analyst working at Merrill Lynch. We were surrounded by our friends, our family and a nice little community.

But, The Hubby wanted job security. He wanted flexibility. He wanted the schedule that I had as a teacher so that we could both have summers off.

So, after some tough exams and applications, he accepted a position into Washington State University’s PhD program.

During this time we decided to get married. Move to a new state. Buy a house. And have babies. Two of them.

Wasn’t that a good idea? Well, we thought so and made it work.

During these four years The Hubby endured this program and whenever I’d look over his shoulder at his homework or written papers I’d start to twitch a little bit. That business was intense.

There were some definite hard times. We were in a teeny little house with infants and a load of pressure consistently looming. Not exactly the easy way to start  out a marriage, but we knew what we wanted for our future and what that meant to get there, so with that in mind, we got through it.

The Hubby not only completed his classes, he kicked their asses. He didn’t just defend his paper, he kicked that presentation’s ass, too.

The last six months   or so have been very stressful. The Hubby was teaching a full load,  working  on his dissertation and interviewing at schools that would determine our fate. One school, right here in Washington where we have come to love. If he got the job that meant we could stay here and dig some roots into the ground. If he did not, we moved. Where? We didn’t know.

A little side note while I’m thinking about it…

Not only is The Hubby one smart cookie, but he is H.O.T.

The man is truly handsome. He really is. I NEVER had a professor or teacher that looked like him!


What more could you want, you might say? A man that can work with his hands?

Oh, well did I mention he is also a certified arborist? (That means tree guy.)  And when we go to Reno every year during the summer he gets all up in those trees and in those machines, really dirtying up those man-hands.

When the AC broke in my car?

He fixed it.

When my computer completely died and shutdown, he recovered my stuff.

When we needed new stairs leading up to our house?

He built them with his dad.

Are you picking up that I am seriously one lucky lady?

OH! And do you remember the post where I shared our romantic Bachelor-esque surprise getaway weekend?


All of this hard work in school has been leading up to his last dissertation paper, and last Thursday The Hubby successfully defended that sucker and passed with flying colors.

That is it. He is DONE!


I am so incredibly proud of that man. Because of this journey he has now accepted a full-time position as a professor at a major university here in Washington.

We couldn’t be more thrilled with the outcome of this journey. My husband’s family is over here, we get to stay close to some great friend we’ve made over the years and we are at a school to be proud of.

So, in about a month he will be officially graduating and you’d better believe I am going to be that crazy proud wife up in those stands!

And then I’ll let out a huge sigh of relief.


So, I’m not sure I’ve ever explained why we moved to Washington and what we’ve been doing the last five years while here, but now you know!

That is all.

Thanks for stopping by!



  1. Yeyyy! Congrats to your hubby! I’m so excited for you guys. Do you have to move to a different city or will you stay where you are? That’s so amazing that you get to stay where you want to be. It’s an amazing thing to feel at home somewhere :)

  2. Hilary Ableser says:

    What are the odds… Eddie defended on FRIDAY!!!!! I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read that they were one day apart. It was a teensy bit anti-clamactic, as he drove home from the school to sit down and begin working on more edits, but those have even been completed in the last few days and he’s now a free (freer) man. Woohoo, congrats to all of us for making it through these grueling last few months! Enjoy graduation. I know we sure will!

    • Hilary! Oh my goodness!!! That is AMAZING!!! Congrats to you all! Ugh, what a relief, right?! What’s the next step for you guys? Crazy that they defended so close to one another! What did he get his degree in?

  3. Hilary Ableser says:

    Such a relief!! Congrats again to you four! Eddie’s degree is in the Philosophy of Justice. JD’s is finance, right? Eddie would love a professorship somewhere, and we’re trying to find schools closer to family that have a Justice dept AND have job openings. Quite a narrow window of opportunity. 😉 So we shall see! Congrats again! Thrilled for you guys!!!

    • Thank you Hilary, and the absolute same to you guys, too! And yes, J.D. is the Philosophy of Finance. Are there any openings where you are looking? Where ARE you guys looking?

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