The semi-recap before the finale-Bachelor Recap 10

Once I saw this sign, I think it was last Wednesday, I decided I needed to throw a Final Rose Bachelor Finale party. I kind-of couldn’t stop thinking about it. So, I pondered for a day and then decided to go all in and make it happen.

Here is just a little sneak peak for what is to come…



I know you may have been expecting a little recap of the Women Tell All episode of The Bachelor last week, but, I thought it was a bit of a snooze-fest and I may have nodded off a little bit.

That, and I put my extra time into tonight’s Final Rose Bachelor Finale party!

But, since I feel a bit bad… just a bit… I will give a few notes…

The girls were bitter. They were a bunch of bitter babes up on that stage and were ready to tear into The Pabs before he even stepped foot onto the stage.

Kat got a dark, very dark, spray tan right before the show. She should have remembered it takes a day or two for the tan to settle down a bit. Because the girl looked ridic.

Kelly, the dog lover, put a few girls in their place and then brought up a topic that wasn’t really appropriate for that time and cried. I don’t feel like getting into it… just take my word it was a little awkward.

Uhhhh….Sweet Mama Renee handled herself VERY well. She said her peace yet didn’t dawg on….. dog on… dogg on… I’m not sure I’ve ever used that term before and just realized I have no idea how to spell it. She didn’t talk crap about The Pabs.


Angry Andi did pretty well. I think. This may be where I fell asleep…..

Wow. Sorry.

Apparently I need to go to bed!

What do you think happens tonight? Who does The Pabs choose? Does he propose? Does she accept?

As always, thanks for stopping by!



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