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Our Love Story- Part 1

It started about nine years ago back in college. I was a Sophomore. He a Senior (x2). It was a Tuesday night and a pal and I met up with some of friends at the good ol’ Cue and Cushion where the infamous ten cent drafts were served a plenty. This was the new hangout for […]

Calvin John Turns 2!

Our Little Man turns two tomorrow. I officially have two little kids. No more babies. Can I get a collective “Awwwwwwww….”? It’s a little sad… Okay, a lot sad. At the hospital           We are planning a birthday party for Cal and this year the theme is trains. The kid LOVES […]

Getting Foods to Stick!- Guest Blogger: Simply Shaye

Today we have a little treat from Shaye at Simply Shaye who is going to share with us some fun ways to celebrate “Something on a Stick Day” coming this Friday! I had no idea such a thing existed, but how fun!   Hello Everyone! I am Shaye, mother and life lover from the great […]

An update on our baby dilemma…

Sooo, I feel a little bit bad about the title of this post. I know some of you were thinking I was going to announce a pregnancy after I first wrote about our dilemma here, but no. I am not. No pregnancies over here. I also can’t say that we have come to the conclusion […]

On What Really Matters

I came across a link to a video on Facebook the other day and it really got my wheels turning. Please, check it out and then continue on, it’ll make more sense. It’s only just over a minute. 😉   When I was in middle and high school, the primary means of communicating among friends […]

“The Nikki” vs. “The Clare”- Bachelor Inspired Cupcakes- Season 18

Since I have started watching The Bachelor I have created cupcakes representing the two finalists for the night of the finale, and this season was no different. I did have a little Bachelor Finale Viewing Party this season, and if you missed that you can see it here and read the recap from the finale here. […]

Final Rose Bachelor Finale Viewing Party-The Pabs Edition

For The Bachelor finale two Mondays ago I had a Final Rose Bachelor Viewing Party. I admit I love a themed party, (shocker) so after the thought crossed my mind and a quick Pinterest search, I came across a few ideas and that was that. Game over.  If you missed yesterday’s post on the finale […]

13 Hints to BOLT!- Bachelor Finale Recap 11

Here we are, guys! The LAST recap of the season! (Thank goodness…The Pabs is not my fave.) The episode begins with JuanPabs in Saint Lucia where the final two women will meet his family. Clingy Clare is the first one to meet the fam and she is greeted by The Pabs on her way out […]

Our kitchen table makeover

Last winter my mom was visiting and while out running errands one day I decided in about thirty seconds that I wanted to paint our kitchen table. It happened that fast. So, I called a friend and asked where to buy Annie Sloan paint, plugged in the address and with my mom and kids in […]

The semi-recap before the finale-Bachelor Recap 10

Once I saw this sign, I think it was last Wednesday, I decided I needed to throw a Final Rose Bachelor Finale party. I kind-of couldn’t stop thinking about it. So, I pondered for a day and then decided to go all in and make it happen. Here is just a little sneak peak for what […]