And we’re off!- On our second annual girl’s weekend getaway trip. Holla!

A little over a year ago my best pal and I took a girl’s weekend trip to Seattle and it was FAN-TAS-TIC.  Just the time to solely be responsible for ourselves was rejuvenating and we just had the best time. No working around nap times, no feeding schedules and no one needing a single thing from us.  Except for maybe our debit cards. You can catch the recap here.

That same friend and I are about to head out for the second annual Girl’s Weekend Getaway and this time are heading to Portland!


We have had this trip planned for a few months, both lined up our in-laws to watch our kiddos since both of our hubbies are extremely busy and the only plans we have thus far are to sleep in, maybe go for a jog and grab a coffee.


Last year I was still nursing and every few hours had to pump, store the milk in a cooler and make sure the cooler stayed cold, and my friend was seven months pregnant. This year neither of us are nursing or pregnant, so the possibilities are endless.


We are taking off this morning and coming home Sunday so I will be back next week! If you’re on Instagram I will be posting some photos of our trip as they happen if you want to check them out.

Do you have any favorite places to eat, shop, or see in the Portland area? We have NO agenda and all suggestions are welcome!

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  1. Salt and Staw. They have some of the best Ice Cream. Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Salt and Straw, Opps!

  3. Salt and straw for ice cream, or papa Hayden’s for desserts. Voodoo donuts is a must! Rock bottom brewery, Deschutes brewery, and Rogue brewery are all awesome for food. Screen Door is supposed to be amazing too, I’ve just never braved the wait. Breakfast: Pine State Buscuits, Mothers (make reservations a day in advance), and Waffle Window (a little window where you order a waffle handed to you like a crepe). Food carts: built to grill is AHMAZING! I also love Whiffies. And if they have the Saturday Market you might like something like that. If you go you need to get a gyro from Angelina’s Greek Cart. There’s always a line but it’s for a good reason :-)

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