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And we’re off!- On our second annual girl’s weekend getaway trip. Holla!

A little over a year ago my best pal and I took a girl’s weekend trip to Seattle and it was FAN-TAS-TIC.  Just the time to solely be responsible for ourselves was rejuvenating and we just had the best time. No working around nap times, no feeding schedules and no one needing a single thing […]

The Hometown Dates- Bachelor Recap 8

The episode starts out in Icky Nikki’s hometown of Kansas City,  Missouri. All I notice is her fingerless pleather gloves before she takes him to a gas station BBQ joint. And I can’t help but wonder what the point of those gloves are? Warm palms, cold fingers..   They scarf ribs and fries and this […]

The place I hate most in the world. And a printable for you.

I loathe the grocery store. I’ve never liked going grocery shopping, but in college would go with the roommates and then eventually The Hubby and it wasn’t horrid. But then we had kids.  And it turned dreadful. A typical grocery trip looks something like this: Gwyn, Cal and I walk very slowly from the car […]

Searching for Cerebral- Bachelor Recap 7

The episode starts out in Miami, the hometown of The Pabs.  We first see The Pabs spending time with his daughter and family, and while talking with his super smiley cousin it should be noted that he says the one that stuck out from the beginning is Sharleen. That she is “elegant and different” and […]

What We Wore

Welcome to another What We Wore Wednesday! We Valentine’s Day-ed it up this past week and pulled out all of our festive attire. While The Hubby had to work a late night, The Kiddos and I had a fun-filled day full of hearts, red and pink, and treats. We did manage to squeeze in a […]

Heart food, bacon roses and burnt fingers- Love Day Recap 2014

The primary reason I started this blog was so that I can look back years later and have a memory book of our lives. I am not great at journaling on paper and I take a lot of pictures, so the blog thing just seemed to make sense. So today I am sharing a little […]

If you turn 22 you might as well bid adieu-Bachelor Recap 6

The episode starts out in New Zealand and right away I notice how “put together” all of the girls are from head-to-toe and I just can’t even imagine packing for such a thing. How do you pack for something where you don’t know what you’ll be doing or where you will be going? And I […]

What we wore

Welcome to another What We Wore Wednesday! This week I thought I would wear some of my favorite items that I have gotten from over time. is an online discount site featuring various items like clothing, jewelry, children’s everything, decor, etc.  and I absolutely love it. The prices are fantastic and they actually […]

Bear Hugs Valentines- free printable

Need a last minute Valentine for your kiddos’ classmates or friends? Or something cute to pass around the office? (free printable at the bottom) For Valentine’s Day this year Gwyn is going to give her friends and classmates these little goodie bags filled with “Bear Hugs.” I wanted something easy, inexpensive and fun for her […]

Motion in the Ocean-The Bachelor Recap 5

The episode starts out with the girls exploring their new pad in Vietnam. Kat decides to pull a Kate Winslet in Titanic and I want to remind her that her  name is Kat, not Kate. That’s been done. The first one-on-one date card is given and Sweet Mama Renee finally gets her time with The […]