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On never sleeping through the night. Again.

I thought once I became a parent that I would lose a little sleep. You know, mostly during infancy. I thought that I would need to get up a few times during the night to feed our babe, but then by around six months old they would be sleeping through the night. Forever. BA HA […]

Glowing wooden star tutorial

Last year I set out to make one of these glowing wooden stars and am now seeing them EVERYWHERE.  It’s one of my favorite Christmas decor pieces and if I could find an appropriate place for it, I would keep it up  all year. Instead of shelling out the dough for one you too can […]

What they wore Wednesday #5

Hello! It’s another What They Wore Wednesday up on the blog today where I share with you what the kiddos wore this week, where I found their clothing, and what discounts may be currently available at the stores I shop. Who doesn’t love a good sale? I hardly ever buy clothing at full price and […]

Article in response to our baby dilemma

Yesterday I shared our contemplation with having a third babe. You can see what I am referring to here.  It’s something I think about on a daily basis. Sometimes, multiple times. Well, tonight I was given an article to look at that not only brought me to tears, but shed a new light on a perspective […]

To three or not to three….

Something has been weighing pretty heavily on my mind and heart lately. For a while, actually. And that is whether or not we should have another baby. Before we ever had babies, The Hubby and I always pictured our future with three to four children. We both loved the thought of a big family with […]