The highlights and favorites of 2013

I can’t believe another year has come and gone. As I looked back on the posts throughout the year, I was surprised by some of the favorites. Sometimes what I might think to be a dud turns into a favorite and just like that it has made the top list for 2013. Below is the year in recap.


These skinny chocolate muffins kicked off the year just right. Super easy to make and enjoyed by our entire family.   

While home for the holidays, the sister and I did one of those “then and now” photos as a gift to our mother. You really should check out the “now.” I thought we did pretty good!


One of my best pals was having a baby and so another friend and I threw her this Shabby Chic, Simple and Pink baby shower.  It was intimate, personal and glittery. That’s an A+ in my book!


For Valentines Day The Hubby took me on the most romantic Bachelor-esque Getaway Weekend EVER. He made me swoon.


This month marked one of my worst parenting experiences.  Like, I read it and start sweating all over again. I also shared my thoughts on bullying as I reflected previous encounters with my own bully.     photo (2)


April was all about Calvin, turning one and his Very Hungry Caterpillar first birthday. You can see Part One-The Food, Part Two- The Decor, and Part Three-The Guests  and Fun. IMG_1833


May marked a lot of biggies in our family. Gwyn turned three and as part of her birthday fun we did a birthday interview. It’s pretty stinkin’ cute. AND, The Hubby tackled potty training and transitioning from a crib to a toddler bed all on his own while I was in Vegas. Booyah.    image (30)


Gwyn kicked off summer with her Minnie Mouse 3rd Birthday party and this was also the summer I realized something really big about myself as a parent.  SONY DSC


July marked a big milestone for us. This is when we finalized the decision that we were moving to a new city! This was bittersweet for our whole family as we were closing a chapter in our lives.  door We also celebrated four years of marriage this month! 


We had a whole lot of chaos in August. We went through EVERYTHING we owned and had a massive garage sale. This is when I also realized I was a hoarder. IMG_4778 IMG_4527


Gwyn started preschool this month and readers drooled over her first-day-of-school outfit, so I gave one away!

This was also the month of the pumpkin whoopie pie.  Yum.  photo (2) IMG_5878


We had another life-changing event this month, one that left us in an abundance of tears.    IMG_7800 The Hubby and I flew to San Diego to be a part of a gorgeously vintage wedding and were surrounded by old college friends and zero responsibilities. IMG_7297


I realized two things in November. The first one is more of a reflective moment I had about missing important milestones and moments in the lives of our children, and the other was that my children hate my singing.  SONY DSC tears


The final month of 2013 brought you our Christmas Home Tour as well as our first ever family photo shoot.    SONY DSC IMG_9403-2 We had a lot of changes this year. Ones that left us proud. Ones that left us in a new city. And ones that left us in tears. Overall, we have been extremely blessed with what we have been given and I can only hope the next year brings us as much health, laughter and love as this past year. I look forward to another year of sharing these experiences with you! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. What a year you had! I can’t wait to see what 2014 has in store for you!

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