Your holiday home tour questions answered

I’d like to give a big thank you for your sweet words on our holiday home! Since moving here in August it’s been an adjustment for us all and while we may not have pictures hung on the walls or a fancy dining table, we’ve made it quite comfortable for our little family. Hearing from you truly warms my heart.

Below are your questions answered. If you have any more, please let me know!


Burlap garland– From Michaels, use a coupon! Always use a coupon! They’re free at  The burlap garland comes pre-cut in little bundles for about $6 (before coupon). It took me two bundles to wrap my tree.


Owl– Shopko! On sale for less than $4!





The wreath on our mantle is faux fur and I picked that baby up at a store called Roost in Spokane. I picked this up while out one evening with my mom and she absolutely did not like it. At all. But I did, very much so, and so home it came.  The Hubby approves as well. Sorry, Mom. You lose this one. It doesn’t look too difficult to make, too.









The  (fake) wreaths in our window are from Walmart and they were $2.49 each. I just cut varying strips of  white burlap and hung them with a thumb tack. Easy and CHEAP.

Burlap Stocking

SONY DSC stocking-2

– Tutorial found here. Burlap isn’t too hard to sew, but I am NO expert!

Wooden Log Candles


I begged and pleaded my husband to make me these log candle holders last Christmas. It didn’t take too much effort since my husband is an arborist, so when he brought these logs home I may have peed my pants a little.  He cut them to my desired lengths and then my dad used his auger bit to drill holes big enough for tea light candles. That was it!

Thanks for stopping by!



  1. I love all of these sweet touches! We’ve only got our tree out this year, mostly because I didn’t really have time to pull out anything else!

  2. Super cute!

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