Our Christmas card 2013

For our Christmas card this year we took our first ever family photos. It was a quick twenty minute in-and-out kind of session which was just perfect for our little family. I tried to coordinate our outfits without being too matchy-matchy and using colors that weren’t too seasonal.


Every year I order our cards from Walmart.com. I just cannot find a better deal. Walmart offers both card stock and photo paper and you can also print on both sides of the card. For the back of ours I chose a single family photo. 


If you are in the Spokane area I would recommend Mica from Mica Sansaver Life Photography, she does a great job!


On Sunday evening The Hubby and I found ourselves on the living room floor putting together toys and wrapping gifts and a really cool feeling/realization dawned on us. WE are now the parents putting toys together late at night and getting gifts ready to put under the tree. WE are the ones creating Christmas memories and traditions with our children. WE are the ones “behind the scenes” making sure the whole Christmas experience is as magical as it can be for the kids.

The responsibility is now ours and what a wonderful one it is to have.  We are so grateful.

Merry Christmas Eve! I just cannot contain my excitement for tomorrow!

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