Lifehack- Making our mornings OK to Wake!


Once Daylight Savings hit out house our mornings got just a little bit more hectic.

Calvin adjusted to the time change just fine, but Gwyn, well she didn’t flinch. She continued to wake up an hour earlier which just wasn’t working in my book. I love seeing that smiling face in the morning, just not that early.

So, we started using the Ok to Wake! nightlight by Onaroo, which has been just short of a blessing in our household.

To see how Gwyn stays in bed until our designated “wakeup time” see the short review/how-to video below.

I woke up a few minutes before Gwyn’s alarm clock was set to light up and captured what she does each morning through her video monitor. The video goes black when she is walking from her room to ours, as it is yet still too dark in our room to see anything but the bright green “Lavo” light.

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