What she wore Wednesday- tutus and tap shoes


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Gwyn started her dance class a few of weeks ago which consists of both ballet and tap.

While I never took dance as a child, it was something I thought Gwyn would just love with all the prancing around the house she does.

As I began to shop around for the dance attire that Gwyn would need for her class I soon realized that this was going to add up. So, I shopped around. A lot.

Below are the deals I found, as well as some other options I was considering, to keep the cost down for a class we weren’t even sure Gwyn was going to like.

Leotards-  I bought two leotards (new with tags) with attached skirts from Ebay, totaling about $35, including shipping, which normally retailed for about $30 each. I also discovered that Walmart sells a pretty cute leotard and skirt set for $11.97, but they were currently out of my daughter’s size, so I had to look elsewhere.

Tights-I bought two pairs of tights, one pink and one white from Dance Factory Outlet for $1.99 each.

Ballet slippers– Shopko regularly has a sale on all of their dance gear, so when they had a 50% off sale, I hit that up. I got Gwyn’s ballet slippers there for $4.99. Elsewhere, ballet shoes run $15-$20 at places like Target and Payless.

Leg Warmers-While these aren’t necessary, how could I resist?! I also got these at the 50% off sale at Shopko, and paid about $10 for two pairs.

Tap shoes- After perusing online for a bit, I discovered that tap shoes cost around $25. Zappos sells a pretty nice pair for just under that, and includes free shipping. I also found a few pairs for sale on Ebay for about the same price after shipping, so I checked out my local second-hand children’s consignment shop and found a pair that looked brand new for $4.99. The only problem was that they didn’t have laces. After looking online I discovered it nearly impossible to buy just the laces, so I went to Joanne’s Fabric, bought some lace for $5 and used that! And I think it looks pretty cute!

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Gwyn absolutely LOVES her dance class and looks forward to it every week. This of course makes me one happy mama not only because it was money well-spent, but because watching the joy and concentration on her face is just priceless.

I think there will be many more tutus and tap shoes in our future!

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