Magnetic Chore Chart AND Discount Code!

A few weeks ago I decided Gwyn needed a little “something” to help motivate and remind her of the daily “chores” she needs to accomplish. I also wanted to start teaching her more about responsibility, so I decided on making her a chore chart.

I gathered some card stock, stickers and markers and was ready to begin. I hesitated, though, because the more I thought about it, the more that sort of chart seemed like a lot of work; buying tons of stickers, making new grids each week, some sort of artistic ability… Yeah, I wasn’t stoked.

So, I hopped on Etsy and did a little searching around before I found the CUTEST chore chart magnets made by Karen at Stixdesign


She has SO many options to choose from and these were not only the cutest ones I could find, but they were the most reasonably priced! I was stoked to find these adorable magnets and ordered a set right away. Below is the set I ordered, and Karen allows you to switch out up to four magnets to suit your needs, so that is just what I did. AND, Karen is offering all Lady’s Little Loves readers three FREE magnets with each purchase of at least twelve magnets! Just enter discount code “Little Loves” at checkout. 

12 Chore Chart Magnets - Magnet Buttons 1.5"

To keep costs down, I bought a cheap cookie sheet from Walmart for $.97 and used some materials I had around the house to make the chart appealing to Gwyn.


Cookie sheet

Vinyl or sticky letters

Washi tape (or something to make dividers.. a sharpie?)

Chore magnets 

3 6



Over the past few weeks we have been using the chore chart and it is working beautifully! Gwyn is excited to move the magnets from the “to do” side over  to the “ta da” side and has even come up with her own technique. Gwyn likes to set the chart in front of herself, put the magnets that she can do at the time on the middle dividing line, complete the chore and then move it to the “ta da” side.





These magnets have cut my asking/reminding/nagging in half and for that I am SO thankful. As motivation, if Gwyn completes all of her chores that day, she gets some kind of reward. Maybe it’s a little extra TV watching time, a honey stick, staying up a little bit late, putting a quarter in her piggy bank, etc.

11 10

And sometimes, if we get to the end of the day and Gwyn discovers a chore she didn’t do that day, she will (sometimes) go and do it right then, even making her bed before she gets in it. :)

7 9

To get THREE FREE magnets with your order, enter discount code  “Little Loves” during checkout at  StixDesign!

Happy chore-ing

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