Coping mechanism

I went to a mom’s group last week for the first time in this new city and the topic of coping mechanisms came up.

As the women at my table and I went around introducing ourselves, we shared what our coping mechanism was when we became stressed.

Some women said lighting candles helped.

Some said being outside in nature.

But the majority… the majority said exercise.




And as they said these things I couldn’t help but think that I am way, WAY different than these women.

Because do you know what I do when I am stressed?

I hide my face in the pantry or fridge and pound handfuls of chocolate/cookie dough/whateverIcangetmyhandson and secretly shove as much in my mouth as I can without my kids seeing me.

Not because I am ashamed.

But because I don’t want to share.

And you know what?

I instantly feel just a little bit better.

Trust me.

I realize this is extremely unhealthy.

Sick, even.

But it feels sooooo good.

Maybe because I know it’s  bad. Maybe because I have a huge sweet tooth and it releases some sort of chemical reaction in my brain. I don’t really know.

But, nonetheless, it’s bad. And I’ve probably got eight cavities and type 2 diabetes.

Right now? I have a double batch of cookie dough in the fridge that I am doing some major damage on.



I think it’s only fair after your dog has the squirts in the garage and your son is teething.

What do you do when you’re stressed?


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