The 10 Year Reunion

I recently traveled back home for my ten-year high school reunion.

While in high school I remember thinking our ten year reunion sounded like it was eons away. But, nine (WOW! I just counted and am astonished by this number) house/ apartment/sorority house moves, college, two pups, a husband, a career change, and two babies later, and suddenly ten years have gone by quickly.

I first heard about the reunion via Facebook. Because our summer has been insanely busy, I wasn’t planning on going. It would include expensive plane tickets, flying solo with two kids since the Hubby had a prior commitment that weekend, and a bunch of hassle.

But then, one day I got a text from one of my childhood friends. A friend who grew up with me on the same street and who has remained a friend for all of these years, even standing by my side as I proclaimed my love to The Hubby. She put the idea of rallying another childhood friend (who was also by my side that special day) and I into trying to make it to the reunion. We haven’t seen each other in about four years, so that alone ignited the motivation into looking further into the occasion.

After realizing I had a flight voucher about to expire and after the mother-in-law offered to watch the kiddos (seriously have an amazing MIL), I realized the trip was a possibility and I could be seeing some of my best pals in just a few weeks.

So, since the stars had aligned, I went.

And you know what?

I had a GREAT time!

It was just like the “old days.” My pals and I spent as much time together as we could just soaking it all in.

On the night of the actual reunion, I couldn’t have been reminded more of how it used to be in middle and high school when we would spend hours before something like a dance getting ready. We listened to music, helped each other with make-up, hair and picking out outfits and added in a drink or two, making it a great time. (The drinks didn’t happen in high school while getting ready, just to be clear. :))We laughed, we cried. We professed our love for one another just as we always had done.

We have all been through incredibly high highs and insanely low lows together and we realized that not everyone has childhood friends that they can still lean on when in need and that we all have a very special thing.

I am so thankful for them.

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The actual reunion was a ton of fun, too. Catching up with old friends and high school classmates wasn’t as awkward as I was anticipating, and I only forgot one person’s name. I think I pulled it off smoothly, though. And in my defense, I hadn’t seen that person since band class in middle school.

So, come on.

I hope my childhood pals and I remain in touch for another  ten years and rally once again for the twenty-year reunion!

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