Hubby & Wifey Teamwork… on a Surfboard

A couple weekends ago we went out to the lake and I tried something new. Wake surfing.

It surprisingly wasn’t as hard as I anticipated, not that I did fantastic. And it was FUN!

The Hubby was quite proud of me and decided we should try something he has never seen done by two adults before.

We would attempt “doubles” on the surfboard.

We attempted this only one time, and below are the two clips captured.



And the fall…


Teamwork at its finest!


It felt so good to see The Hubby’s reaction to our experience out on the lake. He was truly proud of me and it was definitely noticed!

We are off to the lake again for a bit this weekend, maybe we will give this another go and I won”t have a death grip on The Hubby’s shorts. :)

Happy Labor Day weekend!

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