Five tips for a more organized, stress-free move

Moving is clearly not fun for anyone, but I think with a little organization and the right tools, one’s life can be easier and a little less hectic while in transition from one home to the next. Since we just finished a big move ourselves, I decided to share five tips that made our experience easier.

Top Five (Six) Tips:

1.) Color-coordinate your boxes and designate certain areas of the room for only one or two colors. For example, all kitchen items were labeled with an orange Post-it (on top and bottom so it could be seen from various angles) and all of these boxes were kept in the corner of the kitchen. I did this so that if I needed to find something already packed I knew right where it would be and so that whoever was moving boxes into the new house would know exactly where to put each box.

image (7) image (23)

2.) Get paper products- I kept our dishes unpacked for as long as I could stand it, but then bought paper products so I no longer needed to wash many dishes and could pack the majority. I did keep my favorite coffee mug and Keurig out, as well as one pot, one pan and the kids’ sippy cups. image (21) 

3.) Organize, sort, and throw-away/donate as you go. You don’t want to just keep moving clutter from house to house. If you have enough for a garage sale, do it. A little extra money to have someone haul away your junk seems like a given.



And those projects you’ve been meaning to do to help organize but haven’t had the time, just do them. Otherwise, you never will. My lingering project was this DVD case and you can see just what I did here.


4. Leave a box or two out at all times for your kids to play in. They’ll play for hours minutes at a time and it’ll give you time to pack in peace. Throw some snacks and a drink in the back and add a few more minutes to that time, too.

image (5) image (6)

5. Bag the clothes, don’t box. It’s absolutely silly to pack clothes in a box when you’re not moving far away. It’s a waste of time and only adds more work on both ends. Instead, bag them. Take a trash bag and make a hole in the bottom. Then, insert the hangers with the clothes still on them through the hole, hang them back on the pole and tie the bottom closed so no clothes fall when moving. Then, just lay flat on top of one another either in a box, or just in the trunk of the car, like we did.

image (2) image image (8)

For the kids’ clothes I used kitchen trash bags and for our clothes the big black trash bags so the clothes could all fit lengthwise.

image (4)

6. While this really isn’t a tip, I thought I’d throw it in. If you forget to keep a pillow unpacked for your hubby on the night before you move, improvise!

image (3)

Hope these tips help if you’ve got a move coming up soon!



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