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Hubby & Wifey Teamwork… on a Surfboard

A couple weekends ago we went out to the lake and I tried something new. Wake surfing. It surprisingly wasn’t as hard as I anticipated, not that I did fantastic. And it was FUN! The Hubby was quite proud of me and decided we should try something he has never seen done by two adults […]

Kid-friendly sauteed veggie and cheese panini sandwiches

It’s not always easy finding something both of my kids like to eat, but for the most part, they both enjoy a decent grilled cheese. With Cal not having all of his teeth yet, incorporating a variety of veggies into their diets isn’t always easy. So, after scouring the fridge one afternoon, I randomly decided […]

Wordless Wednesday

I thought today should be a Wordless Wednesday. A post just filled with pictures to summarize our week.           Happy Wednesday!

Low Fat/Carb Zucchini Lasagna

I feel like we sort-of ate like crap this summer. I mean, not for all of it. But we definitely ate more pizza and take-out than normal and I did not feel good about it. Being on the go will do that sometimes, so now that we are settled into our new home and are […]

The 10 Year Reunion

I recently traveled back home for my ten-year high school reunion. While in high school I remember thinking our ten year reunion sounded like it was eons away. But, nine (WOW! I just counted and am astonished by this number) house/ apartment/sorority house moves, college, two pups, a husband, a career change, and two babies […]

A bittersweet goodbye

Our official last day in our little town was a sad one for me. The Uhaul was packed…   And while The Hubby and his helper went to Spokane to unload our boxes, the kids and I went out to enjoy ourselves for one last outing since our house was pretty empty.     I […]

How to throw a successful, organized garage sale.

I have had a few garage sales throughout the years and feel like I am the garage sale queen. I’m not joking. While I have only had two for my own family, I threw one for my parents last summer and I am proud to say that all three have brought in more than $1500. […]

Five tips for a more organized, stress-free move

Moving is clearly not fun for anyone, but I think with a little organization and the right tools, one’s life can be easier and a little less hectic while in transition from one home to the next. Since we just finished a big move ourselves, I decided to share five tips that made our experience easier. […]

“The Chris” and “The Drew”- Bachelorette-Inspired Cupcakes

For the past few seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette I have enjoyed making cupcakes that reflect the two remaining contestants on the night of the finale, and tonight is no different. See “The Lindsay” and “The Catherine” from last season’s finale here, and “The Jef With One F” and “The Arie” here. The […]

When I realized I am (was!) a stage-1 hoarder

One of my main goals as we prepped for our big move was to have a massive garage sale. And I am talking massive. My idea going into the sale was that if I didn’t love it, then I would sell it. I am ready for a change in style and no longer want to […]